Brianna Hardy

I am a nineteen year old English major with a focus in writing. I intend to become a certified grant writer and author once I graduate with my degree.

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    Are Gamers a Groundbreaking form of Entertainer/Entertainment?

    With the rise of many YouTube gaming personalities such as PewDiePie, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, the idea of not have to personally purchase a game appeals to millions of people. Sitting down and watching someone else play a game, for many, is an ideal way to see what the current gaming scene is like, and a way to keep themselves occupied and entertained. My question is, are gamers a groundbreaking new form of entertainment as a new set of entertainers? They contrast with in-person comedians and live shows in that their work can be replayed and still be exactly the same, but this form of entertainment is different than the traditional idea. Are these gamers the new face of entertainment?

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      Digital or physical, writing is something that can be beautifully cultivated, even in a time when society is beginning to fall to the more preferential side of all things digital.

      The Modern Translation of Writing

      Artistry is a tool that few can handle properly, but it can blossom into something incredibly beautiful when handled correctly.

      What Does it Mean to Be a Literary Artist?

      I loved these books as a child, and now that I am almost twenty years old, I am even more in love with them, if possible. I’m forever a proud Ravenclaw!

      Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences