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    Art in the Public School Systems... Common Core

    With things like Common Core and other standardizations, art, among other "extracurricular" classes are often cut from public schools. What are the negative impacts of this? How can children benefit from having their creative outlet taken from them, and how will they truly become well-rounded people if they are not exposed to a new ways of thinking, a variety of subjects and social interactions? While I can think of many negative effects of these "cuts," the positives are few and far between, and shaky at best.

    • Talking about the prevalence of band, orchestra, and chorus over art such as painting and drawing classes. – gabrielleceleste 9 years ago
    • Good point; but even those classes are excluded in many cases. I know that the school where I used to teach (in NC) only offered "music" once a week... Band was an extracurricular, if students could "skip" parts of other classes... and chorus was an after-school club. – burchdm 9 years ago
    • Children, and more over, human beings, are not machines. Creativity is critical to maintain a balanced education. Additionally, kids are by no means skilled at the same things; a dyslexic child taught that passing standardized tests is of utmost importance, and who is thus cut off from arts education, may never realize her full potential. – emilyak 9 years ago

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    I agree; TV does seem to be going by the wayside. I also think that convenience plays a huge role. So many people’s lives are scheduled in a way that does not allow for a “regular” time to watch their favorite show…. hence, Netflix. I personally do not even have Cable, and prefer Netflix because there are no commercials, and I can watch with subtitles (I have a cochlear implant.) I do not mind being “behind the times,” when my friends watch a show like OUAT on air… I prefer to watch when I am able and pause as I need…

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing

    I honestly did not know about most of these works by Warhol… and am intrigued by the seemingly direct link between Warhol and today’s social media-influenced culture! So crazy! I must say, though, I was very disappointed when watching a Warhol interview. When asked how he created a particular piece, Warhol actually TOLD the interviewer that he did not know… that he had someone else create his work. I know this was probably as he aged, but still… to SAY that out loud in a national interview?!

    Andy Warhol: Innovator of the Selfie, YouTube, Reality TV and Gay Cowboys

    This is a very interesting article, and very much in alignment with contemporary discussions of gender issues in art–and beyond. It is my understanding, through course work and personal studies, that many Abstract Expressionist painters (male, that is) actually have been considered to “transcend the dangerous castration caused by the female figure in art.” I spent an entire semester in a class called Displaying Gender, and this was a huge topic of discussion. Ironically, the class was taught by a female and we had more female students than male…

    The Forgotten Female Artist: Janet Sobel’s Struggle within the Abstract Expressionist Movement