Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing

Pretty much every family has a certain time where they sit down in front of the TV and watch a show together. It could be any show but almost every family has this, but with the rise of the internet the way we watch and view our shows is changing. Nowadays we have streaming sites like Netflix and Stan, as well as many viewers resorting to torrents or streaming to catch up on their favourite shows. On top of all this, there are gaming companies delving into the world of producing original series and shows based off other franchises. But does this mean that television is dying out?

An article that appeared in Time, entitled ‘Americans Are Watching More Streaming Video and Less Live TV’, discusses the percentage of people that watch shows online in the United States. The article states:

The report shows that more than 40% of American homes used a streaming service as of November 2014 and 13% of U.S. homes had multiple streaming services. Overall, American adults spent four hours and 51 minutes watching live TV in 2014, which is down from the five hours and four minutes they watched in the same period in 2013.

This article shows that more and more people are turning to streaming services, but at the same time still watching a fair bit of TV on the television as well. But why have people moved to the internet for their shows?

Stan Logo
A streaming site in Australia: Stan.

It seems to be that ease of access is the main reason viewers are moving away from their TV and towards the internet. No longer is the television the easiest source to find the shows you want. Because everything is scheduled the only times you can watch your favourite shows is in a certain time frame. This is often at night, with the possibility of a repeat sometime throughout the week. However, the internet offers an unlimited time to view the show as well as offers the show without advertisements, another tempting offer for viewers. Where a person is situated also affects how they view each show, for example Australia does not get all the shows the United States does. On top of this when the show does air, it is often after half a season or so has aired in the United States. This is why torrents and streaming are so popular, people don’t want to have to wait for new shows that other countries already have. There are legal options for this, sites like Stan or programs like Foxtel, but these are all paid for and sometimes that can get expensive. For those who can’t afford it, streaming becomes a more viable option, taking away from the show’s viewership.

One of Netflix's original series, House of Cards.
One of Netflix’s original series, House of Cards.

Because of this ease of access it seems that nowadays, the internet is paving the way for the future of television. Netflix has been around for years and is now producing its own original content including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Some of their content is even gaining huge popularity, millions of people waiting for each season. On top of this other companies are siding with Netflix to produce original series. A sign of such faith is Marvel, one of the biggest companies worldwide, placing a deal to create five new TV shows with the company. The reason why this method of producing shows is becoming increasingly popular is because of its mode of release. Rather than wait weekly for new episodes, viewers can watch every episode the day the show is released. This allows viewers to participate in the popular trend of binge-watching, watching many episodes straight. For viewers this mean there is no need to wait for shows it is all there in its complete state and won’t be changed or altered. Another reason is that producers do not have to worry about ratings for their shows, success and future seasons are based solely upon content and production, the worth of the show.

An original series for Xbox, Halo: Nightfall.
An original series for Xbox, Halo: Nightfall.

Now gaming networks are getting in on the action. The PlayStation Network (PSN) just released its first live- action series, Powers. The show is free for the first three episodes to all PSN users and then a subscription must be brought for the remaining seven episodes. Xbox also had their first streaming show at the end of last year with Halo: Nightfall, which also links in with the future Halo 5. On top of this they have a list of shows that they are producing and releasing in the years to come, as well as creating a game called Quantum Break which is to release with a TV show based off the game. A smaller game company, Telltale Games, is planning on releasing, what they are calling a ‘super-show’ later this year, in which it is a mix of television and interactive story telling like their famous episodic games. All of this is a new direction for the face of television and is helping to produce more original content and provide jobs for the future.

The rise of these such sites also means their is more room for diversity amongst television shows. Shows that typically would get less view can be created and released on these platforms outside of television. This means that more shows could be genred and that their can be more unique show being released each year. The advance of online viewing leaves room for a lot of creative diversity, even on a small budget a show could be produced and watched by thousands. The shows mentioned above, Halo: Nightfall and Powers, may not have been released if it wasn’t for these new ways of producing shows.

So is television dying out or not? This all seems like an advance on the way in which we watch things, but it does offer many benefits to everyone. First of all it offers more jobs to those in the industry, as well as more chances to provide and create original content. On top of this, it gives the viewer time to watch and catch up on shows that they otherwise would not be able to view. Viewers are still watching their TV’s when they can; it is only due a lack of time that torrents and streaming are becoming more popular. If anything this is an exciting time for viewers of TV, as more and more original content is being produced with a faster release rate. It doesn’t seem like TV is dying out anytime soon, but the internet is increasingly becoming a more popular option for viewers.

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  1. Streaming will probably kill cable TV (and not a moment too soon, as far as I’m concerned) but I don’t see why Netflix will necessarily be the winner. There are lots of streaming companies already, and the barriers to entry are quite low.

    • Tyler McPherson

      I don’t think Netflix will be the winner, however, it was a good example of a site that offers these services and is well known and popular.

    • Cable TV earns big dollars through advertising. Cable TV will kill Cable TV if it doesn’t adapt to the way in which users want to consume media, and it doesn’t find a way to make a value proposition. I wont pay for something unless I see value in it.
      Kinda like when I have to order HBO to see the Game of Thrones

  2. I’m sure if you like US television or indeed films then Netflix productions must be an exciting arrival.

    • Tyler McPherson

      It helps if it keeps to current release schedules as other countries do not get the shows that the US does or shows not made internationally at all.

  3. Tiz Hodge

    80+% of the TV entertainment is either on-demand or DVR’d. I can access Comcast and HBO on any device I own. Though I subscribe to Netflix streaming, I”m not sure why. I haven’t used it in months.

  4. Jacque Venus Tobias

    Thank you for this article I really think it shows how our society is changing in a global sense regarding entertainment and the ability to make a choice as to when and where we want to access our entertainment.
    Great job Tyler.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Thanks and thank you for the feedback. Entertainment is moving online and I think this is due primarily due to ease of access especially due to living in a society where many people are busy.

  5. Joan McFadden

    Been using streaming for years to watch cycling. Am on a much better plan now so watch lots of iview etc. Terrific article.

  6. Amena Banu

    It is a big change indeed. Streaming makes watching so much easier, but it also makes it too easy to binge-watch. Interesting article!

  7. Marvis Mark

    Netflix also charges a fair price and we don’t get a transatlantic delay or a premium for new releases. This is the new way to do business. Give me what I want at a fair price and I’ll pay. Hopefully this model will be taken up by some other companies.

  8. I think Netflix’s real innovation is twofold: firstly its pricing is fair, especially when considered against the price of advert-stuffed set schedule programming previously available on cable; but to me the most important innovation is convenience – for the films and programmes it carries, I can start to watch them immediately, I don’t have to wait for downloads of variable quality – so it actually beats piracy on convenience at a fair price, its the first time in years my piracy consumption has actually gone down, thanks to a media business that finally understands the internet. And I’m happy to pay the fair pricing it charges and I guess the content production companies should be happy their content is getting some trickle income vs. the nothing (apart from audience expansion) they get from piracy. Well done Netflix.

  9. Whikeyeyes

    Well I am in my sixties and I watch most of my programs on the internet, from at the races to You tube and many other programs, I rarely watch TV and why should I need to?

  10. You’d think that Canada being next to the big fat US of A, Netflix would have the same choice of shows and movies. Not the case.The choice is really bad.

  11. Watching hours of streaming video puts a strain on the fabulously expensive bandwidth we have up here.

  12. Battaglia

    One of the most important things about Netflix that often seems to go unsaid is just how well it streams videos. In my experience it is the best online media player there is, offering easy to use, intuitive menus and HD quality. By providing this service well it means movies and TV shows are actually easier to watch legally than they are by other means.

  13. Brooke McQueen

    I definitely think TV is dying out. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually watched something on cable. Why would I want to watch something with commercials and have to wait for episodes to come out when I can go to a website and watch all 8 seasons in a week if I want to. Also, being a college student, mu schedule always seems to be a little crazy. So the likelihood of me being able to watch a TV series at a certain time every week, is not so likely. Great article, and great points.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Thanks. Yeah being a university student myself I understand that and sometimes shows are scheduled at such odd times, so it makes it hard to watch them.

  14. Allie Anton

    The fact that we had hundreds of channels and nothing to watch on cable made switching to exclusive streaming that much easier. I am constantly reading about the woes and struggles of prime time television shows to acquire and maintain an audience, but, honestly, it’s no contest. While Netflix’s selection is not always the greatest (at least when it comes to film) at least one does not feel obligated to plan his life around an hour television slot, half of which taken up by obnoxious advertisements anyway.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Advertisment’s are also a reason why people are turning away from TV as well, a show is much quicker and easier to binge-watch if you take away the 20 minutes of ads each hour.

  15. Pink Rabbit

    Very professional and well-written article. I wanted to point out that Hank Green (famous internet vlogger) put out a great video about this very topic a few years ago, taking the side that traditional television should be an abandoned form of entertainment (Video link here: )
    I also wanted to say that even though several people in the comments are pointing out that the problem with these providers is that they are so expensive, what about sites like Hulu where you can watch an entire show legally without a premium subscription? And also, how come the oftentimes high cost of cable TV is not brought up? Probably because they cost of your cable TV is an expense that has become a socially accepted norm, while these new websites fees are new.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Thanks. I will have a look at that video. I don’t know what cable is like price wise in other countries, but I know that in Australia to keep it, it does end up costing a fair amount.

  16. allan ema

    I was a client of Netflix’s in the early days of renting over the internet and getting the DVDs by post; first class service. I’m glad they have done well.

  17. Hey Tyler,
    For the younger, more tech-savvy Generation Y, Netflix and other streaming sites are definitely a very popular way to watch popular tv series’ and movies. I confess that I have binge-watched a series on Netflix solely because all the episodes are available to me at once. In fact, Netflix is dangerous in the way that it encourages binge-watching and, in turn, procrastination in the average post-secondary student.

    However, the benefit of Netflix is that it offers such a variety of options. I find myself watching old shows (currently I’m on Friends) that are no longer airing (or are on their fifth and sixth seasons), informative documentaries (like that one on Burt’s Bees!) and a variety of movies that have been on my ‘watch list’ for years. Likewise, Netflix offers movies a place to be released that wouldn’t normally make theatres. For example, The Interview which was banned from theatres for completely ridiculous reasons was released directly onto Netflix. So basically the ban just allowed everyone on Netflix to see it for free rather than pay in the theatres.

    All this being said, I don’t feel that Netflix will ever replace television. This is for the simple reason that Netflix doesn’t have everything. There are many reality shows (most being on the cooking channel) that will never transition to Netflix. There are also many differences between the Canadian Netflix and the America Netflix–the major difference being that the American one is better. Countries like Australia and parts of Europe don’t have Netflix at all. And lets not forget the news and the most amazing sitcom ever: Modern Family.

    Rogers is actually fighting back against Netflix with their service, Shomi. It is essentially a cheaper version of Netflix for Rogers clients can access through their satellite rather than their Internet wifi. Say goodbye to the spinning buffer symbol.

    Great article! Netflix definitely has my vote I just don’t think it will ever fully takeover.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Thanks for the feedback and the information. Netflix also doesn’t release shows as they come out (as far as I am aware) another reason why it may not take over from traditional television. In Australia we only got it this week so currently it is quite popular, but TV is still sought after for the newest episodes. Not to mention that with TV you can get that social feel, if you watch with friends or family.

  18. Natalie Sheppard

    Great article. The ability to binge, catch up on old favorites, and the lack of adverts is a huge reason I and my housemates don’t even own a TV. Of course, there are drawbacks as well. It’s tough finding a friend who does have a TV for live events like the Superbowl, and streaming in general is poorly set up for “reality tv” or gameshows. But the benefits far outweigh the negatives, I think.

  19. The absence of advertising in streaming from Netflix and other places is probably why I’ll forever be loyal to binge-watching 3 episodes at one time at my own leisure. However, I think that television plays a huge role in the media as well with its live coverage of current events. Also, Netflix doesn’t necessarily have everything, or current seasons of shows, either.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Yeah I recently got Netflix myself and I have noticed this as well. However for those starting a show in it’s third or fourth season it does allow them to catch up to recent episodes.

  20. Morgan R. Muller

    Awesome and interesting article! It kills me when i finish binge watching a series on Netflix and the newest/ most recent season is already half way through and not available to watch unless you buy it or view it illegally.

  21. I think also think t.v is dying out especially among college students who watch netflix

  22. I feel the same way

  23. It is crazy how easy it is to be able to watch different shows and not pay for cable. I love Netflix so much!

  24. I think streaming will have a positive effect on TV shows. The next step that needs to be taken is streaming on your television without needing to own an Xbox or some time of gaming console. Very interesting article and I am excited to see what the future holds for us in the streaming world.

    • Tyler McPherson

      The only problem with this is the only way to be able to do that is to have a device that allows the streaming and this could get cost effective, apart from thsi though it would be a good idea.

    • They have smart TV’s now where streaming services like Hulu & Netflix are included with the TV. No gaming console needed:). We just bought one and it’s awesome! I was previously using my Wii to watch Netflix. I wasn’t even using it to play games anymore ha-ha

      • Tyler McPherson

        I didn’t know they had those. That’s helpful then and will possibly remove the need for a console to use Netflix and such sites, as demand gets more popular.

  25. Fortune Cupcake

    What i don’t understand is why have never got in the act by providing original content. They have the structure and a huge captive audience.

  26. Nicole Wethington

    It is interesting how we consume media today. We strive towards convenience. People, especially in America, are incredibly busy and make little time for anything other than work. It is hard to schedule life around a television show one might enjoy. Online streaming is the pinnacle of convenience.

  27. skairnagh

    I love the creative freedom given to the shows of netflix and more recently amazon. Without censors to please, the possibilities seem endless.

  28. I think that television is evolving much in the same way media has evolved for decades. The same thing has happened in print and radio. It will likely continue to happen as technology and people change. I, for one, am happy to have all the options. I have recently had the opportunity to enjoy some HBO Go and I am so excited that HBO has decided to embrace streaming in this way. It gives me hope that maybe other stations/channels will follow their excellent example. Nice article!

  29. The Netflix distribution model is certainly influential but not without its problems for narrative construction and pacing. Many of its shows — most recently Daredevil — suffer from the pressures of creating what is essentially a 13 hour movie. There are some virtues to serialized narratives, and there are some benefits of consuming serialized content in a prolonged capacity. In addition, the streaming revolution risk further aggravating issues of legal content access as more and more networks launch their own a la carte services, as per HBO Go, AMC’s forthcoming service, etc. As networks launch their own proprietary services, their content will disappear from services like Netflix. Suddenly users will be paying $10-$20 per channel if they want to watch its content, a cost which grows unreasonable for users interested only in a small portion of a network’s offerings. Just thoughts. By and large I am all for the turn from cable, I just don’t see it as a productive shift so much as perpetuation of existing issues in new contexts.

    • Tyler McPherson

      I agree with this especially the price part. Netflix is now available in Australia but due to the pricing and my interest in only some of their shows, I have not subscribed to it.

  30. It isn’t that television is dying, it is just that its delivery methods are changing and in most cases much more affordable

  31. It is interesting to consider the way that television has impacted our lives. With its introduction and popularity in the 1950s, it changed family dynamics. Families gathered around to watch television shows, although it is important to note that while people were together, they were not necessarily social. Families could spend time together without speaking. Streaming media content now on smart phones and personal laptops has further removed people from the social aspect of entertainment. It will be interesting to see how this effects human dynamics and relationships longitudinally.

  32. silvam

    When I was a kid, every Friday was movie night. It was tradition to pick out our preferred movie at the local rental movie store, and spend the night watching two or three movies– if we could stay up late enough. Now as an adult, all of our television and movies are accessible with a click of a button. Cable television will die with the rise of Netflix, Shomi and Crave tv. People would prefer to pay $8 a month rather than up to $100 for television, which is what most people I know are doing. Live tv can be streamed off the internet and the access of downloading torrents to catch up on television shows is much easier than waiting for re-runs. Its too bad that this is where television is heading but people like things fast and now!

  33. I believe traditional cable television is on it’s way out but not as soon as some people think. Time Warner Cable was just denied a merger with Comcast by the FCC but it is still looking to merge with another company Charter. Their is still a significant number of Cable subscribers but almost as many internet subscribers. Once we start to see the internet subscribers pass the cable subscribers, I can see us starting to see the end of Cable. Millennials will definable be the end of cable but while Baby Boomer still have all the purchasing power I think Cable will still be the major venue for Content to be delivered in your home.

    • Tyler McPherson

      This is interesting I did not know that, their are a lot of these companies that I have never heard of, Charter is one of them. I will look into it.

  34. I think streaming is certainly the more attractive option if you already know what you want to watch. However, is there an equivalent of the old “channel surfing” in the streaming world?

  35. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that television will continue to lose its popularity; movie theatres certainly have. Nowadays, serialized shows can be found on Netflix, while news and sports are often live streamed. Netflix is indeed a smart business model, but I fear too soon that it will go the way of other websites and sell its soul to advertisers. There’s always going to be a new system to compete with, and some day Netflix will have to start looking for ways to make more money as its audiences start to turn toward the next big thing.

  36. Being a regular Netflix user, I could relate well to the benefits. Also, being a student I cannot own a t.v so it is always even more convenient. Well developed piece.

  37. I’m definitely guilty of binge watching shows, but I don’t think it is always a bad thing. Netflix is so convenient, especially when you’re a University student and you have a saturday off and desperately need a break. Netflix also lets people watch old shows that aren’t on television anymore or movies that never made it onto DVD because they were too old. So it’s pretty cool in that way, too!

  38. As an avid Netflix watcher and Communication Studies being my minor, I really appreciated what this article had to offer. I agree that the Internet is becoming a very powerful and popular place for television series and also for film. The fact that more and more people are straying from the costly cable companies and turning to something more affordable and with great options really makes me glad that platforms such as Netflix exist.

  39. Dorothy Progosh

    Netflix has to work around exclusivity deals with networks and other issues of rights ownership and distribution. That’s why Canadians’ use of VPNs to circumvent digital barriers and gain access to US Netflix is such an issue. Right now traditional media companies continue to dictate a lot of what can be shown and where (legally). Mass media conglomerates still have strong, expansive roots in the market- I don’t see television going extinct anytime soon.

  40. One of the better aspects of this shift is holding these shows more accountable to their plot lines. I recently watched old episodes of Friends on Netflix and immediately noticed how many inconsistencies they had. Also I feel that binge watching has allowed for better stories to be told. Stories that have more detail might have been difficult to remember before this immediate access. To compensate for the gaps in time, stories would get simplified. Now people expect to have more layered content.

    • I agree with your points, tv in general has become less episodic. This has led to better television maybe reality tv helps pay for better writers lb other shows.

    • Tyler McPherson

      Yeah I agree, story is becoming more and more focused in this era of TV. I believe that this is due to the ability to go back and watch episodes you may have missed or that you want to refresh upon.

  41. Appointment TV may be on the decrease. Although, event TV may still provide that shared experience that provides viewers with opportunities to share thoughts and commentary through social media such as Twitter.

  42. I agree; TV does seem to be going by the wayside. I also think that convenience plays a huge role. So many people’s lives are scheduled in a way that does not allow for a “regular” time to watch their favorite show…. hence, Netflix. I personally do not even have Cable, and prefer Netflix because there are no commercials, and I can watch with subtitles (I have a cochlear implant.) I do not mind being “behind the times,” when my friends watch a show like OUAT on air… I prefer to watch when I am able and pause as I need…

  43. Netflix is an ambitious and progressive medium for television. Free from the restrictions of normal networks, their creative license produces fresh, engaging plots (that I can, thankfully binge watch on one weekend) and have truly pervaded all aspects of the entertainment culture.

  44. casswaslike

    I would say that television is merely evolving. I clicked on your article because I’ve had a similar idea about Netflix’s influence on television. Where you say that people are allowed to get more kinds of stories out there, I also say that they are allowed to change stories. Look at Marvel’s Daredevil. It does not obey the traditional rules of television. Without that need to schedule breaks in episodes or barely endings (since they can count on people to watch continuously), we experience something closer to 13 hour movie (depending on the amount of episodes). Writers can now be more in depth because they have less of a structure than live television demands. Netflix creates a whole different kind of output for television shows.

  45. Diego Santoyo

    It is so much easier to hit up Netflix or any other type of internet programming because you can watch anything at any time. On tv everything is set and limited. The way we watch things is definitely changing.

  46. diehlsam

    I do think that television is dying, in a way. For me, I love streaming shows from Netflix because they put every single episode up all at once. Yes, I have to wait a year for the new season to come out, but I would rather have access to all the episodes at once than wait a week for each one. Another benefit of streaming Netflix, is that they can swear and have nudity. It makes it more real and more interesting. They can do whatever they want because people are paying for it. The internet is something that a majority of people have access to. It just makes life easier in general, so why not include watching your TV shows on it?

  47. I 100% agree that Netflix is becoming the way people watch TV. Although people do watch TV this way, I don’t think this is making TV die. I think the way we watch TV is changing and watching TV live when it airs is something that is slowly dying. People tend to watch TV when it is convenient for them, making that time shift the changing part of TV.

  48. I watch Netflix much more than I watch TV, however I would not be able to give up cable just yet. I would need more options on Netflix.

  49. CarlaJasmine

    In the world we live in today, everyone wants what they want on their own terms. In the case of television, it’s being able to watch their shows whenever and however they want. Online streaming is affordable, easy, and so accessible I do in fact watch it more than television. The only reason I still watch television at all is because my shows aren’t put online until much time after a season airs leaving me with spoilers that make me not even want to watch it.

  50. I use Netflix regularly, I rarely watch television anymore. Netflix is not only cheaper than cable but you can watch a variety of films and television shows without the inconvenience of commercials. However, you are limited to the selection of content that Netflix provides.

  51. It is no surprise that there now seems to be a preference to using streaming services instead of watching live TV― especially among millenials. With the benefits of being able to watch any time and as much as you want, why would anyone want to sit through repetitive commercials?

  52. Netflix first started out where they would mail you a disk that would take a couple of days for a C grade movie. Now it is so accessible you can get it on your computer, TV and even smartphone. In addition one of the main advantages to watching netflix is that they do not have commercials, as well as instead of waiting a week for the next episode you can watch it right away!

  53. Awesome topic to talk about. I definitely think that TV is dying out, because laptops are replacing the need for TV’s. I think its more than just a lack of time that people are turning to Netflix, there’s the ease of access mentioned in the article, and also being able to binge watch is definitely another plus to having Netflix, along with the diversity of films and TV shows available to choose from would be other factors as to why the TV is dying out and Netflix is becoming increasingly popular.

  54. Fantastic fresh and current article and idea! I, too, believe Netflix is the next big thing. Millennials seemed to have spearheaded this as known cordcutters. Having watched the economy tumble, they refuse to be locked into tradition. I say Amen to that! Watching TV without cable was an untenable dream a few short years ago. I know of many in this age category that are forgoing peripheral channels and paying only for what they want. They are a force to be reckoned with and the success of Netflix, Youtube, and online streaming everywhere is a reflection of this.

  55. I feel like Netflix is destroying the movie industry pertaining to the sale of DVDs. Since we rather use Netflix and other websites that enable us to watch free shows or paid shows. In a way you can think of the Netflix industry destroying jobs as well because we won’t really need people to produce DVDs for movies since they will be available online or in the theatres.

  56. It’s actually funny because a lot of people are getting sick of Netflix. I just saw a commercial the other night for a Tribeca Shortlist which apparently has actors, writers, etc. making their own playlists of their favorite films for you to watch.

    For the most part, people probably have a hard time catching all of their favorite tv shows live, also, most people don’t like commercials. So they go to Netflix, if Netflix doesn’t have it, Hulu, and so on and so forth.

    Nevertheless, I don’t think television will die out. But it will probably continue to change so that more people can get what they want when they want it.

  57. Aish Khanduja

    I don’t think TV is just going to die out, not anytime soon at least. Internet companies like Shaw have released apps like “Free Range TV” which gives the user the same ability as netflix (in terms of watching it wherever one feels like). The app also offers seasons of TV shows on demand.
    With this kind of advancement, I believe that it is easier for people to navigate as they can pick based on channels and choose TV shows. One of the biggest problems with Netflix is that a lot of the times it is a very limited selection of tv shows and movies. With apps with “free range TV” by Shaw, the internet company, people are able to get the benefits of having TV shows and movies at their fingertips, along with having a wide variety of shows which Netflix isn’t able to provide. (Even live streaming TV on your cell phone, iPad, etc.)

    It is a different game for torrenting and illegally streaming media though..

  58. The rise of Netflix, Stan, and Hulu will eventually kill off cable television. I think its a good thing because all these new platforms can not only put out new and diverse shows, but give new writers and other recent grads more job opportunities in an already competitive. It won’t be for a while until we see the end of cable television, but the signs are all there.

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