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The Walking Dead

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British Originals versus American Adaptations: Which is more successful Shameless or The Office.

Compare the success or failure between the original British creations and American versions of Shameless and The Office. Argue which version is more successful and the reasons why. Address the cultural difference that may have contributed to the popularity of the show.

  • I do think a big part of the argument would be exploring the cultural differences in how drama and comedy are expressed. Our traditional slapstick vs thier dry, witty humor; our drama tends to feel more exaggerated while theirs feels grounded in harsh reality.American versions of both these shows made American changes for the better or worse? How have these changes translated for audiences when there is access to the originals? – C N Williamson 1 year ago
  • It would be useful to define what success is. – JDJankowski 1 year ago

House of Cards and American Politics

Demonstrate some of the eerie similarities of the Netflix show House of Cards to some of the same elements that are going on currently in the American political arena. Research how the creators of House of Cards obtain their material, and who will prevail as the first female president Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Claire?

  • I think it would be good to dissect the political processes represented in the drama to see whether such a malicious pair could get into office in real life. Also how do British and American versions misrepresent parliamentary procedure in order to create good drama? – Benedict Hadley 1 year ago
  • If there is a similarity of House of Cards to American politics in the real word, the obvious avenue of investigation would be, 'What is the source material?' – JDJankowski 1 year ago

Please Do Not Ask Artists to Work For Free

Society finds it acceptable to ask an artist to give away their work, skills and talents. Many artists are asked to donate their work to events to help them raise money. They tell the artist it will help them to promote their work in exchange for monetary compensation. We do not hear an organization asking a surgeon to perform an operation for free so that it can advance his/her practice. The government also participates in discounting the artist’s talents as well. When an artist does donate a piece of work, they are only allowed to claim the cost of the materials on their taxes not the time, education and talent that goes into creating the piece. Society deems other professions such as doctors, lawyers, and CEOs as worthy. Society does not ask a CEO to donate whatever it is they have to offer for free, but they will ask a musician to play for their organization for free without any consideration; or ask a writer to create copy, or a designer to make their brochure and think that the artist should be thankful for the opportunity.

This article can help get the message out that artists have value and to stop the practice of asking artists to give away their work. Professional artists need to be respected like any other professional in our society.

  • Agreed. Art is a broader term than just painting though. Writing I an art too, and writers get the same rep which a lot of people here at the Artifice can relate to. I advise whoever takes this up to talk about art in the more general term as well to get the word out. – SpectreWriter 2 years ago
  • I absolutely agree. As a musician, I am often asked to play for free. Your comment about taxes interests me, as I never even considered that a charitable performance could be claimed (and maybe it wouldn't be accepted?). I often hear photographers discussing how their work is undervalued. I think it can be tempting to offer your services for free if you want to support a certain cause or event, but we have to be mindful of how this can serve to devalue our fellow artists' work. – corrigation 2 years ago
  • In the article, because it may come up in the comments, one might want to address why it is we write on this website for free. We obviously put time and effort into our writing so why do we volunteer to do it here without compensation? I think it's a line between other people's expectations of it's worth and ours; we aren't getting asked to do so, it's our choice to share our voice on a particular subject that would otherwise not get read by others. – Slaidey 2 years ago

Top Ten List of Writing Software

There are many software programs out there that help writers hone their craft. An article that lists which software is the best for grammar, editing, story boards, etc. Also include the associated cost of the program and its varying levels such as free to premium packages. Additionally, include free online writing and grammar sites such as and Grammar Girl Podcasts.

  • There are also a bunch of text editors designed to minimize distractions, many of which are free. It would be interesting to see those covered too. – Harley 2 years ago
  • As a writer who might look into getting a writing software, I would love to see this written (unfortunately, I don't feel like I know enough about the topic to do it myself). – Nicole Williams 2 years ago
  • It might also be interesting to include things that aren't inherently effective, but may help others. To clarify, I use a mechanical keyboard as well as a program that has typewriter noises - it helps me focus - it might be interesting to include a small honorable mentions section at the end about programs where a writer's mileage may vary. – DullahanLi 2 years ago

Cinematography: Top Ten Films

Which ten films are best known for their cinematography. Explore why these ten films are prime examples. Also speak to the cinematic relevance of the film if it is applicable.

  • This might be difficult to tackle without a restricted set of dates for the writer to choose from. Maybe it would be better to just hone in on the top 10 films in terms of cinematography from the past decade or two. – CriticalOtaku 2 years ago
  • This is definitely an interesting topic, though there are a lot of different films to choose from. I think it would help if you looked at some of the films that not only look impressive in terms of cinematography, but also brought technical innovations (like Citizen Kane's use of deep focus) that broke new ground for cinematography in films. – Seth Childers 2 years ago

The Avengers: Comparison between the movies

Comparative analysis between the first two Avenger films to the latest Avenger film. A look at character development, story line and box office revenues.

  • The original Avengers film was great because we have never seen that many character in one film. You could talk about since audiences are already used to the Avengers being in one film, has the amazement factor died down for the second film,and does that hurt the Avengers 2 in anyway? – Aaron Hatch 2 years ago
  • Could also mention a couple of the individual character films, such as Thor & Iron man, when discussing character development and how these inform the focus on individual characters with The Avengers films. – Hannah Spencer 2 years ago

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 1999-

An article on reasons why Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has been on air since 1999. What is the appeal? Is it because they may be based on true stories; are the writers great, or the directing or the actors? What has made this show work for so long?


    Technology in Music

    Music was recorded on LP’s, 45’s, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CD’s, MP3, and now streaming. What is the next technological device for recorded music?

    • It might also be worth discussing the recent throwback in terms of how music is taken in. Vinyl is now so popular that a vinyl chart has been started, so is there a reason why certain ways of listening have been revitalised? – Hannah Spencer 2 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Venus Echos

    Nice pros and cons on books and eBooks, thank you.

    Online vs Print: The Digital Age of Books
    Venus Echos

    I really appreciate your opening about the brain, left/right and 10 percent. It is always best to research before you repeat, to make sure you are speaking with the most current information available. Thank you for this article.

    Free Play: The Social, Cognitive & Emotional Pay Offs of Allowing Whimsicality
    Venus Echos

    Excellent piece; while I appreciate both Western classical art and Abstract art I feel your definition of the animus of Abstract is on point. “Abstract art isn’t necessarily learning about the artist, a figure, an object, or a story; it’s learning about oneself but can offer up information about the artist or history in some instances.”

    Understanding Abstract Art
    Venus Echos

    Thank you for an educating and entertaining overview of some Bollywood films and how they pertain to political, social and economic structures.

    Bollywood 101: A FUN Guide to Indian Cinema
    Venus Echos

    Thank you for this article. I began watching the movie and lost interest, I will try it again now that I have read your piece. Thanks

    What Can We Learn from a Lobster?
    Venus Echos

    Very excited about this article, happy to say I learned a few things. I do appreciate the comparison of emoji writing to pictographs, which reminded me of the cave paintings. Then I started thinking about the universality of emoji’s; the ability to bring people together who have different languages and cultures. For the most part we can communicate with each other via visuals because they can evoke a human condition. I also agree with you that yes, this evolving paralanguage will be the accepted means of communication in the near future; as those who were exposed to it at an early age will be the new leaders. I also find the new use of the period me concise and vibrant. Thank you. Yay!

    Creative Texting: Writing and Textspeak
    Venus Echos

    I saw Lin in the Broadway corridor in NYC and shrieked like a school girl; a similar shriek escaped yet, not so vocal when I saw your article. Your writing style is very is fantastic easy to follow and comprehend. I enjoy the push and pull of comparative musicals with regards to society past and current. Moreover, I am grateful that your article is the Featured article; your work is reflective of a more diverse audience whose interests go far beyond Disney realms.

    Hamilton and the Construction of Post-Obama Americanism
    Venus Echos

    Evolution and change is necessary – especially when it comes to inclusion of all writers; however, it is the artist that finds their own rewards personally or monetarily. You take the tools that are presented and then you forge your own way. Thank you for presenting this point of view.

    Genre Fiction in University Writing Programs: No longer the MFA's Red-headed Stepchild