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    Off-Screen: Engaging Young People in Drama

    Is it worthwhile to try and engage young people (teenagers/young adults) in drama, meaning plays as a form of entertainment and playwriting as a form of literature? In a screen-driven society, it seems that drama is represented by a single high-school musical in the lives of most young people. This article could look at the economical and artistic advantages of drama over something like filmmaking.

    • Good topic. It is worth stating how young people are still driven towards the stage and plays (I experience that everyday at university), especially in an era where the arts intertwine, such as when visual effects/videos are incorporated in ballets, shows or plays. It would be wrong to say young people are not interested in these anymore. Plays and musicals know that and try to change their ways and talk about subjects that touch young people in a funny way too (like book of Mormon or Fun Home). Also, be careful with comparing drama and filmmaking. They are both different and both worthy arts, no need to place one above the other! :) – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago

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    Both of these artists are extremely industry-savvy. I think that each one remains true to who they are with their approach to the media. Miley delights in breaking boundaries of good taste in a gleeful kind of way. She seems to enjoy it. I don’t always like the results, but I respect her bravery. Taylor just wants to be the best singer/performer/songwriter in the world, and she is not shy to show the world who she is on her way to getting there. She is a strong and talented woman who is willing to detail every aspect of her many failed relationships.

    Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Swift: Does Sex Really Sell?

    Excellent stuff. As a music geek, I reserve most of my love for these unheralded groups (especially Big Star). The beauty is that their music and influence live on despite their lack of commercial success. And what would have happened if these artists had broken through? Wouldn’t the music have suffered because of it? I tend to think so. These artists remain untouched by the machinery, and I envy them for it.

    The Most Influential Musical Acts You Never Have Heard Of

    Surprising to learn that Kerouac was “socially conservative”, and a supporter of the Vietnam war. I have read all of the Beats mentioned above but Kerouac’s writing resonated with me more than the others. There is such a joy and wonder in his approach and I engaged with his work at the right time in my life, when I was the same as the characters in On The Road.

    Does The Beat Generation Still Matter?