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    The role reality television has on our lives

    Analyze the appeal of reality television and why people consistently obsess over the lives of others. Television itself is is meant to describe the human experience but reality television extends to show its audience what "true human experience" is, which leads lots of viewers to question its authenticity.

    • You might also want to include that some viewers try to fit their own life to the lives of people on the reality television shows. If any information can be found on people trying to fit the fake reality, that would make the article really interesting to have both sides. – amandajarrell 9 years ago
    • You can also do a comparison of white reality television vs. black reality television and how it is portrayed in the media and their perspective communities. – Sheridan C. Watkins 9 years ago

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    People are often very selective when determining their social media profile. People want to create a reputation for themselves, they want to display the best posts to reflect themselves. Once the reputation is made people feel the need to maintain it, almost like a second job. The article brings forward some great points, however there were no statistics and it was very opinion based.

    Social Media Profiles: A Faithful Reminder of Who We Are, and Who We Can't Be

    I use Netflix regularly, I rarely watch television anymore. Netflix is not only cheaper than cable but you can watch a variety of films and television shows without the inconvenience of commercials. However, you are limited to the selection of content that Netflix provides.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing

    Fairytales are poor examples of reality directed specifically at children. Great article, very developed point of views. Many important questions posed in the first paragraph but seemed misplaced due to the quantity. Great eye opener.

    Clarifying Current Understandings of Fairytales: The Princess or the Goblin?