Tyler McPherson

Tyler McPherson

Interested in writing about Film, Literature and Television. Currently studying Professional and Creative Writing.

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Star Wars Rebels Season 2

A look into what Star Wars Rebels could contain within it’s second season and how it could connect to the Clone Wars TV series. For example the additions of Hondu, Rex and Ahsoka.

  • Talk about the popularity is the show, and how effective it is as a Star Wars related series. It is easy for Disney to make an easy cash grab, but this show has a lot of time and effort into it, and it defiantly show why. – Aaron Hatch 8 years ago

Walking Dead Season 6 Speculations

Speculation on Walking Dead Season 6. This would involve The Wolves, Morgans role and how he will react to Rick’s actions and anything else that they think might happen.


    Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 Speculations

    A speculation article about what the third season of Telltale’s famous Walking Dead game could entail, based off past seasons.

    • Should Clementine continue to be the focus, another surviving character, or should a new character be the focus? – Liz Watkins 8 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Tyler McPherson

    Yeah I agree, story is becoming more and more focused in this era of TV. I believe that this is due to the ability to go back and watch episodes you may have missed or that you want to refresh upon.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing
    Tyler McPherson

    This is interesting I did not know that, their are a lot of these companies that I have never heard of, Charter is one of them. I will look into it.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing
    Tyler McPherson

    I have heard of people just clicking on shows because they have run out of things to watch that is close to it!

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing
    Tyler McPherson

    I agree with this especially the price part. Netflix is now available in Australia but due to the pricing and my interest in only some of their shows, I have not subscribed to it.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing
    Tyler McPherson

    Nice article! I really liked the second avengers, to me personally it seemed to capture and develop the characters more then the first, although Thors lake journey did seem a bit out of place. Anyway keep up the good work!

    Avengers vs. Age of Ultron: Evolving the Superhero Team
    Tyler McPherson

    Great article! I really liked that it covered aspects where Superman and Batman fought in the comics, I want to go out and find these and read them some time- they sound like interesting storylines, even though I am not a huge fan of Superman. Injustice also pits them against each other at least for a part of it.

    Batman and Superman: Comparing Two Iconic Superheroes
    Tyler McPherson

    I didn’t know they had those. That’s helpful then and will possibly remove the need for a console to use Netflix and such sites, as demand gets more popular.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing
    Tyler McPherson

    The only problem with this is the only way to be able to do that is to have a device that allows the streaming and this could get cost effective, apart from thsi though it would be a good idea.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing