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    How has low cost video/editing equipment changed independent filmmaking?

    Analyze storytelling techniques of independent filmmaking in the 21st century vs. earlier examples of independent films. Are stories better as technology has improved and become more affordable? Or are independent films more visually appealing but lack depth in their ability to tell good stories?

    • To make filmmaking a more easily accessible practice has got to be a good thing generally speaking. A lot of film history particularly in Hollywood, France and England (these are just some examples) spent a lot of time as an exclusive 'members-only' sort of world. If young, aspiring filmmakers can produce decent footage nowadays on a smartphone and edit it themselves at home, surely this just widens the net of budding genius directors of the next generation. There are obviously two sides to this argument - filmmakers that lack creativity or talent will inevitably begin utilising this low-cost production method - but you have to let the bad in with the good. There are some interesting articles about young filmmakers creating feature films on low budgets that have gone on to screen at festivals and even made a name for themselves. – MaireadEllen 9 years ago

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    In most cases, if you are looking for historical accuracy, don’t watch commercially produced films.

    The Debatable Importance of Historical Accuracy in Period Films

    Appointment TV may be on the decrease. Although, event TV may still provide that shared experience that provides viewers with opportunities to share thoughts and commentary through social media such as Twitter.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing

    Do critics have a place in 21st century media? With so many opportunities for the average person to use social media to comment on film, is it possible for critics to function as they did within the 20th century?

    The Glaring Importance of Critics in Filmmaking