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The Impact of the Streaming Age

I know for myself, I watch maybe two or three shows on cable. The majority of content I watch is either on Netflix or YouTube. With everyone gathering their own streaming services now (Disney working on its own, CBS All Access, YouTube Red etc), it is not hard to see that this is where the future is heading. My film professor once told me that soon, cable will be phased out and replaced with each individual television network having its own subscription service, which would essentially be more expensive than cable. How can that be combated when subscription based streaming is super popular? It is an interesting debate to have.

  • I would also widen this to the discussion of pirating and pirate streaming sites to comment on the international cost to American studios also. It is an interesting discussion to have especially when drawing in more unusual streaming services such as Amazon and Twitch. – SaraiMW 3 years ago

Is Online Streaming the 'New' Television?

Analyze the upcoming success with Netflix and it’s creation of TV shows. Is this a good move for 2015 and the generation at hand? Or is it a bad move and it’s causing us to watch and be distracted by TV even more because we get these shows in the palm of our hand. We also can binge watch them and watch them over and over, which can be the plus side of this. Mainly want to talk about the millennials and how this is going in their favor or the opposite of it. The 21st century is important and it’s talked about a lot, as far as other generations, so eventually I know Netflix and Hulu are going to be a HUGE thing and it’s something to talk about. Even Amazon has a streaming service, Apple as well and it’s something to just talk about all of these online streaming devices and how they are in favor or against us as a generation. Shows such as: Daredevil, could that be a show you see on regular TV, such as CW or was it better on Netflix. Bojack Horseman as well, it’s raunchy and grim, something that wouldn’t have been allowed on TV (I don’t think), but in circumstances that it would be, can you see that on something like Adult Swim?

  • Online streaming is definitely gaining a lot of momentum in terms of how we access our favorite media, but I think an interesting way to look at it would be to assess what types of programs are making the transition to online streaming, and what's being left behind. For example, what happens to genres such as game shows, news reports, and live sporting events? Different types of media that were classically exclusively available on TV will react to this migration to online services in different ways, and that could be something worth looking at. – crpreble 6 years ago
  • I believe after the second season of Legend of Korra it became a strictly online viewed show because it was cheaper and had more popularity there? This could say a lot to how things are changing. – Slaidey 6 years ago
  • You can compare the two viewing platforms, television and online. Take shows from tv and compare the ratings and reviews with the ratings and reviews of those of online streaming. I do agree that online streaming has become more prominent that television, especially Netflix. – ADenkyirah 6 years ago
  • The appreciation of TV shows has declined recently due to the influxuation of live streaming on programs like Netflix. Waiting for tv shows isn't something looked forward to since they are all easily accessible on live streaming networks. It's definitely an obsession of this generation since our expectations on quick access to things has become a necessity. – cwhittred 6 years ago