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    The hindrance of conventional standards on human language

    Language is not quantifiable, but we try to put order to it anyway. How does banning words, ideas, and dictating specific rules of communication hinder our language development and expression?

    • It would also be good to look at this from the other perspective; how do we use the rules of language to reuse language in new and creative ways? How do we break the rules to make statements that the words themselves cannot convey? How do writers express themselves through their selective obedience to the rules? The truth is that without strict rules, it would be impossible for language to function. Without standard definitions, rules of grammar, and rules of style, there would be no possibility for creativity. To quote Phil Hansen, “embracing limitation can actually drive creativity.” Personally, this is the direction I would take on this article. – OddballGentleman 9 years ago
    • "How does banning words, ideas, and dictating specific rules of communication hinder our language development and expression?" is basically the essence of 1984. Orwell proposed that without language or words to express something we will have troubles processing our emotions or acting on them which is part of the way Big Brother oppresses society. Without language to express rebellious thoughts how can they collectively start the movement? Communication is integral to people's ability to understand and grow, it's not wonder humans are more complex being than other species due to our language skills alone. – Slaidey 9 years ago

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    First thing about Doctor Who I’ve read in a while that actually made me think. Sweet article.

    Doctor Who? Why the Question is More Important than the Answer

    Never liked Cinderella, much she was a always a tad dull to me. You opened my mind, nice job.

    Cinderella (2015): An Old-Fashioned Heroine in Modern Times

    Woah, this article is slammin. Nice comparisons, you included a lot I’d never considered before.

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