Hey all! My name is Caleb Letkiewicz and I am a college junior at The University of Texas at Tyler that is studying English and hopes to be a college professor. Happy reading!

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    The Feminine Stereotypes of Anime

    As anime matures over the years, so do the characters. There is always that so called "villain," and the protagonist. However, one character that seems to always be changing is the collection of females. They are becoming more flamboyant, more showy, more lude. Though, there remains stereotypes between them; lolitas, the brutes, the fake red heads, the petite, quiet ones, etc. What do these character creations, that are seemingly apparent in most animes nowadays, say about our society and the way we are evolving as people?

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      It might be more of an oddball when it comes to disney films, but Lilo and Stitch really seems to work on a child’s level to teach morals. While many disney films work with princesses and adults/teens, Lilo is a child. Of course children love the beautiful princesses and dashing princes, but are they really going to take any of the lessons from the story? Maybe. But they might just focus on the glamours. Lilo and Stitch, however, might help communicate the need to be kind and gentle and to cherish the childish moments of youth better because the young characters can be easily identified with. Thanks for the post, I never really thought about how Lilo and Stitch differed from the usual Disney movies. But, now that I have thought about it, I don’t know if I will be able to see it differently.

      Lilo and Stitch: The Seven Standards of Disney

      Though I am not one for dystopia, A Brave New World really did always catch my attention. For those out there that don’t want to commit to a longer novel, however, or are skeptical of the genre, I suggest The Giver. The movie version was just released that could accompany your reading and it is short enough to finish in just a few hours.

      7 Classic Books For Those New to Dystopia

      Pokemon really goes to show the undeniable love that animals typically have for their owners. Though they might endure cruel punishment or neglect, they still revert back to their owners sides in the end. Charmander is abused and abandoned, yet still feels the need to satisfy his previous owner and become stronger, sandshrew and company are punished and overtrained, yet refuse to leave their owners side for it is all they have ever known and are living a relatively happy life. The creators also do well to make the connection between pokemon and the real world and educating children of proper ways to care for animals. As children, did we side with Ash or the abusers? Did we root on Team Rocket, or did we continuously pray that Ash got his pokemon back? We ultimately sided with Ash, proving to us, even at an early age, that friendship and compassion towards ones animals, or pokemon, is the true way to go. This was a very interesting concept and could stem off into so many comparisons and lessons. Thank you!

      Pokémon and the Animals in Captivity Debate