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    I really enjoyed this article more for the way you spoke of film as an all-encompassing, feel-good experience, and I do agree that at this time of year we most definitely get lost in specifically criticising films in line with BAFTA and Academy Award nominations.

    Whilst I am still waiting to see some of the films on your list, there are some I do and don’t agree with that have made it into your top 10, nevertheless, it is great to see this positive attitude on all film culture being shared!

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Film

    Haha, a cheeky little article. Agree with the Baz Luhrman comments: how suave does he look in that suit?! Definitely made to be Gatsby-esque.

    10 Talented Directors Who Are Also Ridiculously Good-Looking

    I agree with some of your comments, particularly the view of Miley using certain ‘distractions’ within her performances: however, as also shown by her performance of this song on the X Factor recently, it isn’t really that good… she has a lovely voice but this song is difficult and you can hear her straining to hit the notes on the chorus, so it ends up sounding like she is shouting…perhaps she knows this and the ‘cat’ thing is simply a ‘look at the cat and not at my bad singing’ distraction? If you search for Miley’s performance of Jolene in the Backyard Sessions on Youtube, she sounds gorgeous and looks confident.

    What Was Up With That Miley Cyrus AMA Performance?

    Fully agree with your comments on the sequel being a far cry from the rush of the first film. I also think that the casting choices and performances in these films surpass any of the first, and that they all really ‘got’ the concept of the books and the social issues at play within Panem.

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review: Game On!