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    Time Runs Strangely: An Exploration of Idenity

    A discussion of how a character’s perspective on time influences their identity.

    Some films to consider: Mr. Nobody (time and memory woven and re-runable), The Time Traveler’s Wife (time as uncontrollable), Kate and Leopold (does ones place in time impact their identity?), Age of Adeline (the effect of aging differently), About Time (how does taking control of time impact the Characters?), and In time (Time as a limited commodity). For fun a whimsical look at the new Alice Through the Looking Glass could also be interesting.


      Dark, Light, and Color in Tim Burton's films

      An examination of how color, light, and dark have been used in Tim Burton’s films to reflect the view points of his characters and the observance of the mundane vs the outrageous. Specifically looking at how Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children differs from many of of Tim Burton’s other films by providing more "grey" spaces that are neither colorful "dream worlds" nor colorless "realities". It would also be interesting to include an analysis of the film Edward Scissorhands and how the "normal"/suburban world is portrayed as the "dream world" through color reflecting Edwards viewpoint.

      • May I suggest adding Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the article? Not only is the film bursting with color, it's simultaneously similar and different in theme to the other two. You could do the same with Alice in Wonderland. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
      • This is so specific that I don't feel I can contribute a single thing. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

      What can we expect from the upcoming Star Wars stories movies?

      What role will the new Star Wars stories play in the unfolding expanded universe? The impact of Rogue One on the meaning and value of the data at the beginning of a New Hope may give us some idea, but there could be so much more. How will opinions of characters such as Han Solo continue to change and evolve? What about other characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi?

      • Interesting topic, with recent news I think you can add in the discussion of Obi-Wan Kenobi as a standalone. Also typo on Rogue One, as you've put 'Rouge'. – Marcus Dean 7 years ago

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      Latest Comments

      Great points! I wish I’d thought of some of those to include in my analysis!

      Origin Stories: Do we need them?

      Would it not also be interesting and practical to consider this piece in the context of current military conflicts in Syria?

      The author concludes with “It is bittersweet to say that this episode is still relevant, because it means that we are all still living in a balance of terror.” I think a nod to current events contextualizing the time in which the piece is/was written would provide valuable context.

      "Balance of Terror": Star Trek, History, and National Security

      An interesting continuation of this topic would be to explore when an “ebook” stops being a “book” and becomes something other/more/different.

      I could see a future for “digital books” that act more like self contained networks of information that take advantage of the their digital nature that still has room for the more linear format of print materials.

      Online vs Print: The Digital Age of Books

      I thought the approach to pulling the various fan theories together into a discussion on the role of Mystery in film was very interesting and maybe didn’t go far enough?

      In any case here is a quote form Hitchcock on his thoughts related to the role of suspense/mystery in film: “If the audience does know, if they have been told all the secrets that the characters do not know, they’ll work like the devil for you because they know what fate is facing the poor actors. That is what is known as ‘playing God.’ That is suspense”

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if we came to the answers before the characters do and the new mystery was not her origin, but how she will find it out?

      Star Wars: Who is Rey (And Why Do We Care)?