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Dominique Kollie

Freelance writer interested in Music, Sports, Anime, and many other artforms. College student interested in writing for a major publication by day, and writing comics by night

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Could Fair Use Be A Liability?

One of the biggest stories surrounding the YouTube community as of late is the lawsuit against YouTubers Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3 productions by fellow YouTuber MattHossZone for a reaction video that he deemed unflattering. Even though almost every other major internet personality has rallied around Ethan and Hila, with a GoFundMe started by Philip DeFranco gaining well over $150k, they are going to still court and will need to fight for Fair Use in front of a jury. Should people be able to use copyright claims to take down unflattering videos? Has Fair Use become too vague to be used as a defense? Is there something YouTube can do as the leader in online video content to combat this?

  • Wow, that is scary. Sounds like good old censorship at work. Insulting or criticizing someone is something we should all be entitled to, within reason. There have been other cases like this on youtube. It seems like those with deep pockets and sensitive egos will always try to sue others to shut them up. Perhaps youtube could make users sign an agreement before starting a youtube channel that the user accepts that response videos may happen and that no legal action can be taken, or a user's account will be suspended. – LisaDee 6 years ago

What Can Namor Add To The MCU?

The rights for Namor the Submariner has officially reverted back to Marvel Studios. With every character in the current MCU adding a certain physical and emotional aspect to the Avengers’ dynamic, what would Namor’s contribution be? Could his aquatic setting provide a similar contrast as Thor’s Asgard?

  • More fighting and graphics is required. – Zyana Hault 6 years ago
  • Based on what I know about Namor, he might be best introduced as an enemy to the Avengers. He's often protrayed as such, and I think they could play up the angle of him reacting to what he thinks are attacks against him and his kingdom via pollution from the surface. He seems like a character who could really put the majority of the human race into perspective with the MCU, since in the other movies the villain is doing something blatantly evil for the sake of evil, and it's often hard to sympathize with their motives.people as a whole are usually the victims/a general population that needs protection from a villain doing something undeniably evil. He could be one of few villains in the MCU whose motives are relatable. – chrischan 6 years ago

When Does A Film Series Officially Overstay Its Welcome?

With the recent unveiling of a teaser along with the name of the latest installment in the Transformers franchise (The Last Knight), it could be stated that enough is enough for these chronicles of the "robots in disguise." But with numerous sequels already written and in the works and well-over $3 billion raked in despite increasingly poor reviews, when does it become undeniably apparent the a film series needs to end? Should it always come down to the bottom line and fans voting with their dollars, or should studios recognize when a story has stopped evolving.

  • Nice idea for a topic. There are definitely film franchises that have overstayed their welcome, and the ever-popular book-to-movie series is starting to feel that way as well. It seems studios put so much effort into the first one, and then are lazy with the remaining entries in the series. The ideology in their mind, of course, is that since there are X more entries in the series, Y people will come to see them regardless. I feel like it's that way with Transformers, there are die-hard Transformers fans who acknowledge the series sucks, but they still show up to the theater when a new one comes out in the vain hope that this one will be better. – Nayr1230 6 years ago
  • I thought similarly with the newest Xmen film, when the reality set in that the movies were no longer inherently about story telling but making as many movies and sequels as possible. I think it would also be interesting to also talk about movies that do not get continued in light of this need to continue franchising blockbuster movies. For example, the American versions of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was an amazing movie with a high fan base where all the actors want to continue to be in, however the studios do not want to make a direct sequel to the movie because they don't believe it can the blockbuster they want it to be. – HPenniman 6 years ago

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Dominique Kollie

I loved the analysis here, especially the breaking down of the verbage used. While this film has its flaws, it spoke a lot about what camaraderie and resiliency can do for female empowerment.

Thelma and Louise: The Language of Patriarchy
Dominique Kollie

Agreed. However, I doubt you’ll see more characters like Vash in the mainstream since the usual hero protagonist character development these days includes learning when killing is a necessity. Even in the first Nolan Batman film, Batman leaves Ra’s al Ghul to die, which kind of goes against his “no killing” thing.

Trigun's Vash the Stampede: The Struggles of Eternal Optimism
Dominique Kollie

Very informative and detailed analysis. I especially liked how well it still relates to modern society. Plus it never really dawned on me how often the “love interest stuffed in the fridge” thing pops up in entertainment media

William Wordsworth’s Lucy Poems and the Romantic Nature of Abuse
Dominique Kollie

Whoa… You just blew my mind. Would it still work even though Vash isn’t technically human?

Trigun's Vash the Stampede: The Struggles of Eternal Optimism
Dominique Kollie

Really interesting article. It’s weird to think that these people have such a crazy amount of exposure and essentially blow it all to get laid. It’s even crazier that these are potentially role models for younger people. The fact that Grier and Lepore still have millions of followers is a little scary

Viners and YouTubers: The Internet's New Villains?
Dominique Kollie

This was great. I definitely think that one of the things that hurt the possibility of a Wonder Woman movie was the fact that she’s had some of the most reboots and alterations in comic history, just to fit her within the guidelines. It’ll be interesting to see if the films portray her as a champion of females, since the lack of female representation is why this was such a big deal, or go with the gritty warrior Diana. Hopefully they don’t just make her the voice of reason between Batman and Superman

The History of Wonder Woman: Unlocking Her Cinematic Potential
Dominique Kollie

Great question. In general, I feel like if you follow his message to a tee, than today’s society would eat you alive. It’s tough to consider, but the way things are in the world, especially in the U.S., altruism has to be measured since to fortunate rarely want to help out, lest they fall down the scale a bit, and the less fortunate will take advantage of any opportunity they have to come up, even if it comes at the expense of others. It’s like the Knives would be a person in power that gains influence through every being he steps over and Vash is the caring individual who gets protects the weak but becomes damaged and weaker in the process.
In my personal opinion, we should apply Vash’s optimism in our day-to-day lives in the sense that we should be helpful and compassionate to our fellow man, but also apply a measured sense of realism that can go a long way in the long way. In so many words, care for others, but don’t put yourself on the back-burner, like Vash did and so many people of our generation currently do.

Trigun's Vash the Stampede: The Struggles of Eternal Optimism
Dominique Kollie

The clear solution to all biopics is to make everyone a Vampire Hunter

Life Stories: Can we handle the truth?