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    Whose Vengeance is it anyways? (Park's Vengeance Trilogy)

    Chan Wook Park trilogy about revenge shows many different facets of revenge. However the film trilogy as a whole can show vengeance in a new light. Showing not just a bloody path to fulfillment but the amount of effort one must put in to get close to their finale. No film ends as your typical vengeance thriller and leaves viewers with some conflicting feelings. It raises the questions of whether revenge is ours to get and if it sates our satisfaction or a deep need of fulfillment.

    • Would be neat to compare American crime-thrillers Stoker (Wook's first American production) to this trilogy. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago

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    I believe being objective is key, when writing for a print or a website like Yahoo Movies. However sites like Spill (now known as double toasted), and channel awesome show that informal is probably best when using a more involving media like podcast or videos.

    Contemporary Film Criticism: A Decline in Standards?

    This is a difficult decision. On one hand splitting a film into two parts could be beneficial for all parties. Fans get to see more of what they love, and the studio(s) can keep the lights on. Sometimes it may be necessary to have two halves versus a longer movie. While I won’t mind sitting in a 4 hour movie, many working adults, college students, and parents (mine mostly) don’t have the time to sit for 4 hours.

    Multi-Part Films in Hollywood: When Profits Matter More than Storytelling

    I always felt uneasy about that chainsaw scene. I always felt it could be seen as foreshadowing Tony’s fate or possible consequence of his actions. The movie also shows Tony luck, a lot. He avoid’s death so much he believe’s himself to be invincible.

    Deconstructing Scarface (1983): Challenging Its Cultural Perception

    This gives me so many memories of the Pokemon games on gameboy. going into peoples houses. The greatest

    5 Things We Learned From RPGs

    The Gamecube was definitely more of a risk taker in context to its console generation. Many of the Gamecube games both first and third party were either hit or miss but mostly original or a different take on things. It was nice to see that even though I wished they had put out more matured games but I’ll take what I can get.

    What Nintendo Should Learn From the GameCube Era

    It seems I have much to catch up on at least for LOZ. I barely played Orcina of Time but this piece actually makes me want to play a LOZ game, right now! Nintendo games especially the older ones seem to have more depth then some newer titles. Extra Credits (a vlog on video gaming you should check out) always points an Nintendo game as good examples of characterization through gameplay or risk=rewards.

    The Legend of Zelda: The Hero in All of Us

    Tarsem Singh has always been an interesting director. He’s been a visual guy for most of his directorial career, but not really heavy on the story side.(At least he’s not Synder.) This sounds more story driven then his other films. This piece makes me wish I watched it on netflix before they took it down.

    3 Reasons to Watch The Fall