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    Voltron's near brush with transgender visibility.

    Some people are hailing the character Pidge from Voltron: Legendary Defender(2016) as a win for transgender visibility. While the character certainly challenges gender stereotypes, Pidge probably isn’t best described as transgender(at least in her current iteration). Not only does she "come out" as a girl half way through the series and start using female pronouns, the show treats her choice to embrace her assigned gender identity as a mature, positive decision: “Owning who you are is going to make you a better Paladin"- Shiro. Is having a cross-dressing character serve as a plot device a necessary baby-step on the road to trans visibility in media(especially children’s media)? Or, is adhering to the "Sweet Polly Oliver" trope in this day and age really doing a disservice to trans men and cis women alike?

    • This is very interesting! As a fan of Voltron, I'd like to read more about this. You seem very interested and knowledgeable about this subject, so I think you would be able to provide a lot of insight for those who want to know more about this - like me! Pidge is an incredible character; and diving deep into her story throughout the episodes is a great way of going about answering your question. Please continue! – gabby918 8 years ago
    • This is totally weird...in a good way. I think you should find more examples from other sci-fi movies, TV shows, etc. – alecflor11 8 years ago
    • I think remembering why Pidge became a Galaxy Garrison brings a new perception. – taviromakizuto 7 years ago
    • Within the show itself, I don't think one could necessarily make the argument that Pidge is explicit trans* representation given her gender declaration as you mentioned. However, I do think an interesting point of analysis would be how the fandom has attached to Pidge as potential representation in the respect that she's often written as nonbinary within a significant proportion of fics. I think it could tie into the representation argument regarding fanfiction: when queer youth fail to see representation of their identity on popular television, they craft it themselves. – phaasch 7 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Just like most of the 20th centuries ‘classics’ weren’t recognized in their time, I think that the sentiments, issues, and cultural and political atmosphere of the end of the 21st century will largely determine what will be considered classics. Of course, that probably goes without saying…

    The 21st Century Films Prepared For Classic Status

    I’ve always wondered if non-americans appreciated south park as much as we do(Since it’s usually commenting on American affairs/culture/politics) so its cool to see all the comments from non-americans on here.

    Also, I’m gonna have to go back and watch Douche and Turd now. Seems particularly relevant given our current election…

    South Park: Respect Their Commentarah

    I’ve never seen 5 centimeters per Second, but I have watched his short film, Voice of a Distant Star, which sounds like it had that same theme of “lonely sadness” being equated with love. And that is certainly also true of this film! Oh man, what a sad ending this film had(in my opinion). But it really is realistic, in more way than one. Not only is the plot free of sentimentality and contrivances, the animation style is so realistic and life like. Although the plot of this movie was fine, I do think the art really blew the story away. Shinkai rendered Shinjuku Gyoen with such painstaking accuracy, my friends and I were able to recreate some of the scene in the movie shot for shot when we visited last year! Apparently, the female protagonist is going to have a cameo in the upcoming Kimi no na was(your name). Maybe she’ll have a happier ending.

    The Garden of Words Preview: Shinkai's gracious return to realism?

    Thanks for this review. I really appreciated that you didn’t spoil the ending or just rehash the plot. As someone who didn’t really appreciate Stephanie Meyer’s other work, I don’t know if I’ll be reading this book any time soon, but I certainly enjoyed reading you review of it!

    Unremembered (2013) Review: What Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" Should Have Been