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    Pearl and Rose's Relationship in Steven Universe

    It’s essentially impossible to deny now that Pearl and Rose’s relationship in Steven Universe wasn’t romantic in at least some fashion. One of Steven Universe’s best qualities is arguably it’s queer representation. However, Pearl’s relationship with Rose as we understand it is infinitely complex and intersects with their standing first as a Rose and a Pearl, as a leader and as a subordinate, and as near equals. I’m interested in the nature of their relationship (i.e. whether it was healthy or not or the extent of it) and it’s lasting implications for Pearl’s character. I’m also interested in how it compares to Pearl’s relationship with characters like Amethyst and Steven especially. Basically, I think it would be interesting to explore how Pearl’s relationship with Rose and it’s healthy or unhealthy nature frames her current relationships in the show.

    • As I understand it, from the very few episodes that I've watched, they were not "near equals" and were in fact the opposite in that Pearls are almost, or are, the lowest gems. This topic is interesting, and I'd really like to see someone explore the deep seated obsession Pearl has with the deceased Rose; it's one of the more dangerous obsessions in television that I've seen. – Steven Gonzales 8 years ago

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    Hiccup has always been one of my favorite characters because he’s not an overtly masculine hero. His arc seems to be a validation of difference, because like you stated, it is because of his differences that he succeeds. I love his development and the fact that he succeeds not in spite of his lack of traditionally masculine qualities, but because of them.

    Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: A Progressive Hero

    I am so in love with Steven Universe, basically because of the reasons that you mentioned. I do think one of the elements that truly makes it stand out from other cartoons is, as you said, the queer representation that it provides. It’s incredible to see queer characters in fully fleshed out relationships that don’t end in tragedy like so many queer relationships on television do. Steven Universe succeeds in presenting queer relationships to children in a healthy, desexualized manner, which is something that I think is critical especially for queer youth. I also love how it deals with concepts such as healthy or abusive relationships or consent through things like fusion and starts teaching kids about important topics in a way that makes sense to them. Steven Universe is just… so good in so many ways.

    Steven Universe: The Rise of Popularity in Internet Fandoms

    I love the argument that you make in this article, and I’m a huge fan of the villains in LOK because, like you said, they’re not “relatable” or “misunderstood”. They’re characters with definitive motives and ideologies that are at times very morally ambiguous or downright immoral. However, I love that each character is crafted to serve a crucial function in Korra’s development and at the same time acts as a sort of foil to her character at a given point in time. This seems to be especially relevant with Kuvira, whose physical strength and fortitude starkly contrasts with Korra’s bending crisis in Book 4. Loved reading your analysis, and you’ve definitely got me thinking about how well-crafted these villains are!

    The Legend of Korra: Empathizing with Villains