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    Do we feel Netflix cancels series before they have actually started to fail?

    I’m curious to see people’s opinions on this as I feel many series recently have been cancelled whilst they are still succeeding. Furthermore, shows have been cancelled with no real reason, for example, One Day at a Time was not an expensive series to film, it was popular and including really important issues that most tv series are not currently mentioning.

    • I can't quite remember where I heard it, but on a podcast I was listening to I heard a pair of critics say that Netflix focuses on getting new subscribers rather than ratings like normal tv stations pay attention to. And because they'll get more subscribers from creating a new interesting show that people have to see, they focus more on making new content than adding to their own content. – jefishere 5 years ago

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    I think this article is super interesting, I think the issue is that whenever someone creates a fantastic imagery world such as Wonderland people will always question the sanity of the person writing it. I feel in part it is because most people will never be able to understand a mind like that and the other half is jealousy. On the other hand, I agree that in order to have such a creative mind and to be able to come up with such fantasies a person must see the world in a different way and with this the person themselves must be different. Whether Carrol was any of these things will always be a question to wonder but his talent to write will unlikely ever be criticised.

    The Lewis Carroll Problem

    I think this is a really interesting article but in comparison, many shows that have huge following have not always been successful in saving their tv shows. I feel Shadowhunters is a great example of this where even though tonnes of money, funding and advertising was put towards saving the show they were still unsuccessful. So whilst I feel fans are important in saving the shows, I feel there are other factors that contribute particularly storylines, costs, ratings, actors and actresses ect

    Fan-Power: Saving Shows From Cancellation

    This is a really interesting topic! I think this is a hard one much like Film and Television, Anime does have some positive representations of woman and feminism however it is out weighted by hegemonic representations of men and weak woman. I also think the issue of sexualisation of woman within Anime is a real issue as often these are created by male artists and this itself is an issue as they may not represent women in a realistic manner. It a really tough one to look at.

    Can Manga and Anime Contribute to Feminism and Gender Studies?