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The Evolution of Action films in a Post-9/11 World

9/11 drastically changed the action genre, which was previously filled with the blowing up of beloved buildings and terrorist attacks. Talk about how 9/11 changed the genre, how it evolved to fit a changing world, and if you believe we’ll ever return to a world reminiscent of Roland Emmerich’s "Independence Day"

  • This is fascinating. I would love to both read and write under this topic. It be especially interesting to consider films that in some way reference 9/11, either directly or with some kind of tribute (and equally interesting to consider those that do not). – badaster 5 years ago
  • An interesting topic. Probably the way to address it is to compare several movies that covered terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 with changes after 9/11. But probably also in looking at post-9/11 movies would be the need to see how they were received at the box office. – Joseph Cernik 5 years ago
  • Some movies give a tribute to 9/11 by making the movie about those on one of the planes that were terrorized that day. Other movies pay a tribute to 9/11 in a less obvious way by making their movie less about the blowing up of buildings and terrorist attacks and more about the bringing of people together within a nation for the common good. But still both types of movies pay a great tribute to the memory of 9/11. – autenarocks 5 years ago

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Your emphasis on Wakanda’s isolationist ways of being is an interesting thing to focus on. While part of me viewed it mostly as a plot device to explain why Wakanda hadn’t largely affected how the world developed within its history as a technologically advanced country, it is a thing we have to examine independent of the “it’s just a movie” ideology. That said, I understand and recognize the reasoning of the Wakandans. Their allegiance wasn’t based in race, it was based in tribes and nationality. This makes me think of the Native Americans who weren’t necessarily friends with other Native American groups simply because they were from a similar spot on the map. We have to remember that race is and always has been a social construct. There’s no biological evidence that race exists, that’s just basic anthropology. So viewing Wakanda simply as a government that chose to protect its national interests rather than help others and endanger their own inhabitants, I get it. Their allegiance was to their people rather than to the world, and while it can be viewed as selfish or even lacking in morality one must recognize that what is moral is subjective. Nothing is so simple as good and bad, but rather we live in the distinct gray area called human life.

The Moral Horror of Black Panther

I get what you mean. I originally thought the same thing about them continuing the show for another season. At the time I first thought that it was just American television desperate to continue their programming for the sake of fame and money, which is the case with a lot of American shows that continue on for wayyy too long. But since seeing the second season I’ve come to realize that perhaps we’re a bit too far gone for the open ending. It makes me think of how Jordan Peele changed the ending of “Get Out” because Trump won the presidential election. He realized that we already understand that the world is dark and scary but we need to know that we can work to better it and things can end okay if we try to make it so.

The Handmaid's Tale in the Modern Eye

It’s interesting that you begin this piece with the question of if Mulan is lauded as such a great film simply because it was more diverse than most animation of the period. I say this because I feel like it’s answering a question that people were never really asking. While I wasn’t really cognizant of conversations at the time of the film’s premiere, I feel like the general consensus nowadays is that the film has always been great for the reasons listed. That said, I love your analysis of Mulan’s selfishness and how that plays into her decision making in the film. Despite a gazillion rewatches of the film, I never thought about it like that. Awesome article!

Mulan's Relatability, Self-Discovery, and Selfishness