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    The Risks of Korea's Talent - Survival Shows

    Korean’s broadcast channel Mnet has been found out that they fabricated the final results of their survival shows Produce 101. On these survival shows, the audience has to pay their own pocket money to vote for their contestants, so when the worth contestants don’t get to win, it has become a legal issue. The contestants who join the shows can get the ultimate chance to become famous when they debut, but with the scandal going around, they are also in the pitfall of having the "Cheating" tag hanging all over them for the rest of their career. What are some of the risks of Produce 101 and Korea’s Talent-Survial Shows in general? Is the temptation of becoming famous worth having your entire career suspected and hated by the nation?

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      As much as I hate the Percy Jackson adaptation, I do acknowledge that the movies actually brought a lot of new fans and readers to the books. There are always two sides of things, and even though I don’t wanna admit it, this favorite series of mine gained a bunch of new-comers after the movies came out, no matter how sucky they were…

      The Art of Adaptation: From Book to Film

      Honestly, yes. I cried when I wrote my latest non-fiction story because I put every emotion I have into it. I was even surprised at myself for crying too. The more I learn and write non-fiction, the more I come to appreciate it.

      Creative Writing is the Sincerest Form of Reality

      What I am most concerned about fanfiction is idols and celebrities actually read them a lot, and they can milk it from the fanfictions they read. They literally put out “fan-service” acts and act as close to the person they’re “shipped” with as possible. Sometimes they’re actualy close, sometimes it’s all an act, we never know, but wouldn’t this be called queer-baiting as well? And since the celebrities are doing this to make their fans and shippers happy, wouldn’t they be doing something good and respecting and loving the fans? However, at the same time, if they’re queer-baiting the audience that brings a bad name to the community too. Sometimes I wondering if fanfiction is good or bad…

      Fanfiction and LGBT+ Representation