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    What makes authors like Gayle Forman and John Green so successful in the YA Novel field of writing?

    Look at the backgrounds and career history of some YA Fiction writers and find similarities in what they’ve done that worked, or even didn’t work. Don’t forget to find the things that make these individual authors stand out among the others.

    • I think it would be interesting to look at this from a more economical perspective instead of looking at their careers. Since all successful YA authors are not unanimously loved it would be interesting to see what particular tropes/plots/characters/ect. seem to draw the most readership. This removes the notion of what is "good" or "bad" and instead looks at what writing style seems to draw more readers in this genre. – LondonFog 8 years ago
    • Also, people will anxiously await the author's upcoming book and purchase it, regardless of negative reviews. When an author has a true following it is difficult for readers to be dissuaded. Even when they are disappointed, they still tend to return, and try to read the next book. This is especially true with teen readers. It would be interesting to compare the actual statistical readership numbers between adult readers and teen readers pertaining to famous authors, with numerous books, and see how the numbers fluctuate during successful books, and less successful books. – danielle577 8 years ago
    • What are the lines that define the different genres? Like how do you define where the things you are writing fall into? I am personally writing a story and one part of me thinks that it might fall into YA and another part of me believes that it could just be considered adult fiction. – lundquisth0004 8 years ago

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    Being a young writer I find it not only hard to find time to write because of school and other after-school activities, but also hard to find things to write. For so long I thought that this was merely because I simply couldn’t think of anything. Even when I found something I couldn’t even finish it. I would write maybe a chapter (if it was a book I was writing) and then I would lose it. This article has definitely got me thinking in a different way. Maybe I can continue and maybe finish those books and short stories I have sitting in a pile.

    Attention Writers: The Myth of Writer's Block

    I first was introduced to Naughty Dog with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I got it when I received a Playstation 3 Bundle as a gift. When I started playing Uncharted 2 I was having the normal beginner issues partially I was new to video games that were in the third person. I was a Call of Duty freak then. As I got playing the game and finally past the beginning level I quickly loved the game. I then purchased the first game and realized that there was a story involved. I praised Naughty Dog for giving me and other gamers an excellent game. Now I just need to get the fourth and final game.

    Naughty Dog Doin' it Right: How to Bring a Series to an End

    I find that this article has a lot of truth in it. I believe that this change in how people watch shows and movies is changing. I don’t believe however that this change is going ruin traditional television. Will we see a major decline? Definitely a decline, but whether or not it is a major decline is up to time.

    Online VS On TV: Is Cable Becoming Obsolete?