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    Television Shows and the New Fan Base Responsiveness

    An unprecedented level and frequency of communication between television show cast/crews and fans on twitter, at cons, in polls, and generally online has begun to influence some shows’ creation.

    You have Hannibal’s Hettienne Park responding in a letter to fans upset at her character (an Asian-American and Jewish woman detective) was killed off. You have all levels of fanservice and queer-baiting. You have Bryan Konietzko announcing "Korrasami is canon." You have Supernatural and Arrow keeping on and creating huge roles for characters once fated to die off (Castiel and Felicity respectively). But sometimes, for art or for format (e.g. Netflix series premiering a season at once cannot adjust), the shows do not bend.

    My question is, do you think this new level of responsiveness can be called, overall, good or bad? If so, which? What types of shows are expected to be open or closed to fan suggestions? Have any surprised you? Also, more examples and especially counter-examples are very welcome.

    • I also think something to be taken into consideration is the affect fan interaction has on the business side. Does greater fan interaction increase the size of the audience? Do these fans also purchase merchandise to show their dedication to the show? – MichelleAjodah 1 year ago
    • The interaction between cast/crew members provides even more for the fans as they get more content via what cast/crew share and connection as questions are answered and feedback is given. But I can see some problems that usually come with social media having a negative effect, such as some voices getting heard more than others' or people jumping on bandwagons. – LaRose 1 year ago
    • It is probably important to recognize that the Internet does impose a greater sense of responsiveness and involvement, due to the competition steadily arising from Internet based entertainment. YouTube and other services intend to drive the television audience away from that media, and grant the audience the kind of ability to achieve this concept. It may be a good idea to pair this with your topic to emphasize what kind of outcome television may have with its audience. – N.D. Storlid 1 year ago
    • There is something dystopian about this, recalling the gladiatorial thumbs-up or thumbs-down decision. It also recalls the chariot race riots of Constantinople in 532 when fans nearly killed Emperor Justinian I. Sometimes fans can be so fanatical. – Tigey 7 months ago

    Ethics and Youth in The Wicked The Divine

    Analysis of the alignments of the movers and shakers of the mostly immortal cast of "WicDiv." The main theme is the rethinking of classic morality with respect to the gods, with Lucifer and Woden being the most striking examples. The role of youth and fleeting time vs. age and lengthened time is very important in regards to perspectives on morality too–YOLO recklessness versus cold, distanced sacrifice. I was imagining moral profiles of some of the major players, with Sakhmet standing standing out (as cats do) as the amoral god.


      Clean Energy in Film as Weapons of Mass Destruction

      Several films, shows, and other media have posited the idea of Clean Energy for all and an advancement for the future. This is quickly is shown to be false when all that potential for energy becomes a WMD. Destroying the weapon and returning to the status quo (traditional energy sources) is usually the happy ending. Solar and wind don’t seem to be picked out (although apparently I should see Sahara, it’s got something with concentrated solar); rather, it’s usually something new, sci fi-fantasy, and explosive.

      I have a few theories to talk about: the dark turn of saving the world, the fear of the unknown, the possible connection to nuclear power’s "betrayal," do we just want more epxlosions, etc. But I’d like to sample more work. Here’s what I have so far, with spoilers in the list:
      The Dark Knight Rises – fusion reactor made bomb
      Spiderman 2 – "mini sun" made bomb
      The Legend of Korra – spirit vines
      The Flash (comics) – Speed force for public transport/energy, starts tearing up time
      Sahara – Concentrated solar power used as a weapon
      (Bonus: Snowpiercer’s attempt at derailing global warming causing an ice age)

      More suggestions are super welcome!!

      • How about clean energy in TV with Scylla in Prison Break in the final season 4? This is a good topic. Also, make note of a new battery powered by an energy source in Arrow that helps Felicity walk again. – Munjeera 1 year ago

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      Thank you Alicia, that means a lot!

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      Thanks Emily! I’ll check out that book, though after researching, yeah, I’m a little burnt out too, haha.
      There’s no better way to Other. Subversions really play with that though.

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      Hey, thank you! True, they’re not for everyone, and different people like different media representations.

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      Thank you so much!

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      That’s great! I don’t watch everything with zombies either–I don’t even love horror much. But if you want recommendations, ask away, or find some hidden in the references; Zombies vs. Unicorns is a fun short story anthology of both beasts, In the Flesh is my personal fave on the list, and Juan of the Dead is criminally under-watched (but also very gory).

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      Thank you so much! I just started thinking about it a few years ago–I wouldn’t even consider myself a zombie aficionado, but I knew other people had to be curious about what gave this genre its hooks into the audience.

      Also yeah, my zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be humor, probs.

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      Thank you so much!!

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains

      Another commenter mentioned “There’s a wonderful article on (7 Scientific Reasons Why a Zombie Apocalypse Would Fail (Quickly))” and I think they’re onto the same things as you!

      The Zombie Invasion of Pop Culture: They Want Your Brains