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    The importance of objects in Breaking Bad

    What fans love most is a great television series. Breaking Bad happens to be one of those shows that will always fill the hearts of its fans, and its writing is just brilliant. That being said, the objects within the show make it that much more than what it seems. For example, what is the significance of the bear that is burned in the plane crash? What events are foreshadowed from its appearance? The fact that half its face is burned is important. What other objects are significant and what do they mean to the overall show?

    • Really great focal points. – Diego Santoyo 9 years ago
    • Strange. I'm already writing this topic. It's in the pending posts. I'll message misagh. – Tigey 8 years ago

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    I love Mark Twain and I love The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Aside from the racist overtones, Huck Finn has never been in my favorites among his other works. The reason that I don’t like this book has everything to do with the fact that I enjoyed Tom Sawyer so much more, and in comparison it falls short for me.

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Analysing its Racial Context and Reception

    Huge Breaking Bad fan here, if there is ever a gameshow just for Breaking Bad trivia you’ll see me on it! That being said, Skyler White is such a complex character. Her motivations are clear, she is a mother of two whose husband is a drug lord by the end of the series and her plate is clearly full trying to keep the kids safe and herself happy. I didn’t start respecting Skyler until the end of the series, mainly because she doesn’t treat Walt very nicely in season one. I’m all for a strong female character, but seasons one through three Skyler can be hard to watch. Its also important to remember that this show is about Walt’s transition from ordinary man who is constantly emasculated by his wife and those around him to becoming the most dangerous man in the country. I get that she has a surprise baby on the way, and I understand that she handles everything at home while Walt goes to work at J.P Winne High and A1A car wash, but instead of encouraging him and supporting him it seems as though she adds to his stresses. After Walt ‘breaks bad’ she immediately goes on the up and up for me. Skyler becomes more and more respectable as Walt slowly loses the viewer’s respect through his newfound occupation. Thus revealing the true genius of this show, the switch that happens between Walt and the other characters from beginning to end.

    Refusal to Settle: Why I Love Skyler White

    Awesome article! I am an avid Hollywood and Film fan, and I have been to the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Blvd where they host the Oscars a number of times. It was an incredibly surreal experience that lingered with stardust, sparkling from where the Red Carpet was rolled out months before. I liked the historical aspect of this article, and finding out about the early secrecies of the ceremony was informative and refreshing!

    Decoding the Oscars