Jay Dinh

Jay Dinh is a writer, poet, and part time videographer/photographer of Vietnamese descent. He was born in San Diego, CA and raised in metro-Atlanta. Currently, he’s earning

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Cultural Appropriation in the Dawn of Jazz Music

Examine the struggle of black jazz musicians and their racial tensions with white striving jazz musicians. Jazz musicians, like Chet Baker and Miles Davis, have battled with their stature in the realms of jazz music. This race towards the best is and will always be a relevant topic to explore. How could their complex relationship correlate to our modern generation? How has cultural appropriation hurt people of minorities in the jazz culture?

  • I have wondered the same thing. Has jazz been white-washed or tokenized since it has moved from a fringe art form to an academic cash cow? Could the same argument be made about other musics that have found acceptance in the conservatory system? – LFH 5 years ago

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These are great reasons! Black Mirror has some of the most insightful commentaries on our society. Even though Black Mirror depicts a far stretch perception of society, we know it’s not entirely too far- in fact, it could very well be a representation of where we will be in the next decade.

I think one of the most appealing aspects of the show is that we are almost looking at ourselves from the outside. The show feels almost as if it’s vaguely familiar but completely unknown.

Black Mirror: Five Reasons You Should Watch

Great analysis! I agree with you. The aspect of beauty and aesthetic has always been an undermining factor of how our society cultivates and perceives women (as well as men) and unfortunately, I don’t think our society will ever be able to stray away from putting beauty first.

Pop culture has conditioned us to believe that love entails a life without independence and, for women especially, a sense of inferiority to their dominant spouse. We can still see this today, however, I’m noticing that trend decline- thank god. I definitely believe that Cinderella was one of the catalysts that mobilized the idea though.

Cinderella's Representation of Gender and How its Changed

I enjoy the connection between Gatsby’s artificial social life and today’s usage of social media. The term “friend” is extremely convoluted now that people are friends with hundreds of people online. It’s very hard to distinguish the levels of intimacy with someone without understanding who they are in real life. Gatsby can very well be the same way; he puts on a façade for the world to see with his parties and wealth, but secretly he broods over his lost love with Daisy. Perhaps, there’s a bit of Gatsby in all of us.

The Endurance of Gatsby