J. Bryan Jones

J. Bryan Jones

J. Bryan Jones is a prospective writer-editor in both prose and graphic novel media. He created "Leather Wing Media" and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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J. Bryan Jones

You clearly haven’t seen the movie since you make a false assumption. It does go into the pirates’ personal plight, though not as in-depth as toxic dumping. Even so, it doesn’t have to. Not every piece should be Moby Dick length and cover a subject in its entirety. Even the Iliad only covers a few weeks of a 10 year war.

Comparing Hostage Rescue Movies: Argo & Captain Phillips
J. Bryan Jones

The Academy has a well-documented history of that. See my article comparing the Oscar favorites of last year before it was decided.

Comparing Hostage Rescue Movies: Argo & Captain Phillips
J. Bryan Jones

I don’t think of Brave as a victim. It won an award it didn’t deserve. ParaNorman was better hands down. Wreck-It Ralph was overrated. I do think Pixar is back on track with Monsters University, though not everyone may agree. Really, Monsters University is more of a victim because it is actually deserving of praise its not getting.

Brave: A Victim of Favouritism?
J. Bryan Jones

It’s a shame she’s being pigeonholed.

Why J.K. Rowling can not escape Harry Potter: The Unbreakable Vow
Lost to History: Film and Television We May Never See Again
J. Bryan Jones

I love them all.

Pixar Shorts: The Adverts That Made Cinema History
J. Bryan Jones

When Jurassic Park 3 came out, TV Guide said a 4th was coming. It is, but a lot later than expected. I mean, number 3 sets it up clearly with the whole Spinosaurus wasn’t on the list thing.

Jurassic World and the Sci-Fi Renaissance
J. Bryan Jones

I agree. And I’ll also that that Futurama is better than the Simpsons.

Futurama: Gone Before Its Time?