Jon Rios

I am a student at Boston University studying math and film & TV. I am a TV junkie and a comic book nerd, and I love reading about the industries.

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    Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

    A historical analysis of the Star Wars/Star Trek "rivalry." Is/Was it really as big as some people make it out to be? Can one be a fan of both franchises? It seems like a silly thing to say today that you have to choose one or the other, but I’d be interested to read about the histories of both franchises and how the so-called "rivalry" came about.

    • I think I heard someone say recently that the "nerd rivalry" we see satirized in sitcoms between Trekkers and Jedis is a fabrication. It doesn't really happen. Fans are far more cordial towards each other at conventions, unless we're talking about Sports. Sports really do have bitter rivalries, and it's pretty visible. I personally am an average fan of both franchises. I've rather enjoyed the original Star Trek series. I used to watch a lot of Next Generation. And I've seen every one of the films save for "Star Trek: Nemesis." But I supposed I would say I'm a slightly bigger fan of Star Wars, which I'm even more excited for now, since we're supposed to get a brand new film in the franchise every single year till who knows when. There's so much potential for both franchises, though, that if Paramount can figure out what to do after "Star Trek: Beyond," they might be able to directly compete each year with Star Wars, if they want to. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago

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    I just finished rewatching the series a couple of weeks ago (this was my third time watching it). I haven’t come up with my own top 10 list yet, but Through the Looking Glass is definitely up there. Season 3 is easily the weakest season in my opinion, but that episode is phenomenal. The flashforward reveal was genius. I would also probably put The End in my top 10. As devisive as the finale is, it completely worked for me. The explanation of the flash-sideways was completely unique and confirmed for me that the show was ultimately about the characters and how they’ve grown together. And the closing scene, bookending the entire series was beautiful.

    The Best Episodes of Lost

    I was thinking about that while I was reading this. There aren’t many Disney movies centered around actual men (rather than anthropomorphized male animals). Aladdin is the biggest one, but I’m not sure how I feel about that as a representation of masculinity. There’s Tarzan, but his is more of a story about human vs animal nature. The only other ones I can think of are Atlantis and Treasure Planet, which, admittedly, I haven’t seen in a long time and which don’t get much recognition. And that’s a shame because when I was a kid I connected with Milo from Atlantis as the “nerdy” intellectual. Most of the other Disney men act as the object of the woman’s desire (a la Charming and the other princes) or as the antagonist (Gaston). There are plenty of young boys out there who like Disney movies (I was one of them) and who deserve a positive male representation, but I feel like they aren’t being targeted enough.

    Masculinity and the Disney Princess

    The only issue I had with the female Thor announcement was simply in calling her “Thor.” Thor isn’t a mantle like Captain America or Spider-Man but literally the character’s name, so it’s odd for someone else, male or female, to just take his name. I have no problems with allowing her to wield Mjolnir and “possess the power of Thor,” as the inscription says. (Yes, it also says “if HE be worthy,” but that’s just semantics.)

    What Marvel Hopes to Achieve with the Changing of Race/Gender in Pre-Existing Characters