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    The role of the male protagonist in Hitchcock cinema.

    In Alfred Hitchcock’s films produced in the 1930s, the master director/producer develops his protagonist in each film following a generally prescriptive pattern of having the leading man stumble or fall (intentionally or not) into conspiracy, controversy, and calamity. Then, the hero must struggle to redeem himself, usually with the assistance (invited or not) by the leading female. How do these film plots portray and challenge ideals of modernism?

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      Jeffery Moser

      This article points out the doubleness of the human spirit and literature’s oft opposing elements that create conflict for and within the protagonist or heroes of any genre.

      Star Wars: The Difference in Luke and Rey as Chosen Ones
      Jeffery Moser

      Certainly Rey rhymes with “ray” which indicates ray of hope and totally accents the Star Wars theme and setting for galactic and romantic intersections. Hence, I do agree that she is on the path to becoming a Jedi.

      Star Wars: Who is Rey (And Why Do We Care)?
      Jeffery Moser

      I loved this essay! Great documentation.

      Why Wouldn't Everyone Love Lucy?
      Jeffery Moser

      At least the movie reached a broad, mainstream audience, so there was education on the topics of AIDS, tolerance, and homosexuality.

      Philadelphia and AIDS: Looking Past the Pedantry
      Jeffery Moser

      This article effectively communicates the tremendous achievement by the creators of Steven Universe to focus on romance, gender, friendship, sexuality,and cooperation in new ways.

      Steven Universe: The Rise of Popularity in Internet Fandoms
      Jeffery Moser

      This essay is helpful. We need more lesson plans and guidebooks for college courses in literary studies about comics.

      A Guide to Reading Comics: Where to Start?
      Jeffery Moser

      I have taught the art of fiction by asking students to read the original film scripts and then showing students the “final” film. I find play scripts and screenplays to be primary source materials and literary phenomena which sufficiently stand alone as works in and of themselves. It is always interesting to compare films to the screenplay or novel/book and note the editorial judgments made between the “blue print” of the writer/director’s print narrative and the work produced and presented on the silver screen.

      The Literary Merit of Film Scripts
      Jeffery Moser

      Has anyone charted the comparisons between money invested in this franchise and its popularity vs. other anime productions?

      Digimon: Analyzing the Impact of the Monster Franchise