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    The similarities between A New Hope and The Force Awakens, and why it works

    Any genuine Star Wars fan cannot deny how closely the plot of The Force Awakens resembles that of A New Hope. Fans have generally had mixed feelings about this idea, but there are points to be made in the reasons as to why they’re so comparable. Just because they have similar plot points does not make The Force Awakens just a re-hash; in fact, The Force Awakens is as every bit as strong as any other Star Wars movie. Any comparable aspect of The Force Awakens has a reason behind it, and that’s why people can’t say that it’s just a remake of A New Hope.

    • I think this is a really great topic. Unfortunately, it's already been done (quite well), in the form of a video: . To the prospective author of this article, do not start writing until you've watched this video in its entirety. If you think you have anything to add, than by all means, move forward. If you feel as though Mr. Stuckmann has summed up your thoughts quite well (and perhaps even better than you would have), then maybe we don't need a re-hash. Just my two cents. – ProtoCanon 8 years ago
    • To add to the conversation, you might also add a section that predicts how later movies in the franchise will compare to the previous ones as well based on what is found to be similar between Ep 4 and Ep7. Will Ep5 and Ep8 be similar? Would this be a good or bad thing? – Kevin 8 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Hollywood sees certain video games as a cash grab in the sense that they can take the title, put a big action movie star in it, and twist it into whatever movie they want it to be. (i.e. Doom). Given that it seems they know what they’re doing with the Assassin’s Creed film, we should expect at least a decent movie.

    Game-to-Film Adaptations: What Can We Expect From Assassin's Creed?

    This article does put the whole Frozen craze in perspective; I was at Disney World last year and now Olaf’s face will be engraved in my mind forever. It does make sense from a marketing standpoint, and I had no idea how appealing musicals were to the masses until you explained it. Good job.

    Why is Disney Overemphasizing Frozen?

    I completely agree with the argument given how prominent these remasters are nowadays. However, had it not been for remasters, I would’ve never been able to experience The Last Of Us, as I was a 360 guy back in high school and only recently acquired a Playstation 4. Remasters can work to an extent, but a the same time an overabundance of them (Kingdom Hearts) can make a company stalling for time look pretty blatantly obvious while doing so.

    An Abundance of Remasters: Originality in the Gaming Industry

    This made me look at the prequels in a completely different way. Though I disagree with the pod-race being necessary, given Anakin does end up showing his piloting skills at the end of Episode 1, I do understand the argument on why Anakin’s character is the way he is in the prequel trilogy. The age difference between Han and Leia also flew over my head, as I’m sure it does with many people who dislike the age difference between Anakin and Padme. Nicely written.

    In Defense of the Star Wars Prequels