A writer of both fiction in nonfiction. Enjoys writing about superheroes in the fiction sense while the nonfiction is shown in the personal anime blog.

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Who is the real bad guy?

In anime, which the two that come to mind being Code Geass and Death Note, the villain is not always clear. The main characters in those two shows come off as a villain. Sometimes the villain their motives are good, it is just they are seen as a villain due to what they are doing. So is the bad guy the one causing the problems believing it is the right choice and someone is trying to stop them? Or is the bad guy the one trying to stop the problem causer despite the fact the problem causer believes they are making the right choice?

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    Significance of Beliefs and Culture

    The ideas of that long time fan debate of either subbed anime being better than dubbed anime or vise versa is one that gets argued a lot. However there are several sides and people have their preferences. Despite this there is a way to look at both sides of a subbed perceptive and a dubbed perceptive equally giving the positives and negatives of both.

    While it is true that people may have a one sided view of the subject matter it is best to still go in with an open mind and willing to look at both sides of the story instead of just what is preferred. We are all fans of the same subject material after all.

    There will always be anime series that are better in dubbed over subbed. There will always be anime series that are better in subbed than dubbed. Each have their own side that has a say in the medium as a whole. Dub can be more for introducing while sub can be more for the fans who want to see the newer anime before they get a dub or series that might never get a dub. Both sides are discussed in an equal way to promote each other.

    • A good article with a nice balanced view. For me, whether I rpefer sub or dub varies between series. For example, I prefer the dub for Wolf's Rain, but prefer the subbed version of D-Frag! – mattdoylemedia 8 years ago
    • I think it's more a matter of personal preference. "There will always be anime series that are better in dubbed over subbed. There will always be anime series that are better in subbed than dubbed" seems like too conciliatory of a comment. Some people don't like reading subs, some people don't like hearing the cheap voice acting that gets put on most anime. Nothing says that a new watcher will prefer dubs, for example. I think part of the problem is that many native english speakers haven't had the experience of watching all sorts of movies subbed, as a matter of fact, because most big productions are in english and you don't speak the language. – JimEis 8 years ago

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    Then again look at Sailor Moon. Crystal was not all that popular. But with DB Super it actually worked in DB’s case.

    Dragon Ball: Why is it Still Endearing to People Everywhere?

    I think it is hard to say who won. This was a Hero v Hero situation and in those situation the lines of who wins is blurred. Cap surrendered to not go against the beliefs to protect the people.
    On the other hand this really comes into play since it will be similar in the new movie, and the new event later this year, Civil War 2. Although the fights are different it feels like there can be no real winner, even if one side gets their way over another in a Hero v Hero situation.

    Civil (Ethics) War: A Marvel Comics Event

    I never grew up watching DBZ, but I think because it was on at a time where kids watched it, the show became popular here. Even in Japan it is popular, several big series, although some ended, the mangaka’s were inspired by Dragon Ball.
    There is no doubt the series has impact. It probably will still be popular another 20 years from now too. This is a series that the hype for it just never died and only continued to grow.

    Dragon Ball: Why is it Still Endearing to People Everywhere?

    There are a lot of different ways to go about with Idols. Love Live and Idolmaster being two series that you mentioned I have seen. There is also IdolMaster Cinderella Girls. Each ones has their own ways of showing off what idols are like. Love Live, despite being a little humorous at times, still has drama, but more of the idea of trying to become one. Idolmaster is the more real life, sort of thing. Cinderella Girls, despite my dislike for it, was more all drama and showed the more conflicting points in an idol life. Each have something to promote, Love Live has their VAs, Idolmaster has their games. But they can still say something about the idea of ideas as a whole, and in some ways become just as popular as real ones.

    The Idol Phenomenon in Japan and Anime