Joseph Brennan

Joseph Brennan

I'm a student from the UK. I like to write stuff.

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    Joseph Brennan

    I disagree with you about the main characters. I found Bruce far more revolting than Renton.
    Although I do agree that Trainspotting had the advantage of perfect timing. It was just released at the best possible time.
    Also, I think Trainspotting was able to capture the feeling of the time, whereas with Filth it felt like it took place in no particular period. Was it 2013, or 1999?

    Trainspotting Vs Filth
    Joseph Brennan

    I suspected that the quality would drop at around the third act. When I watched the trailers it seemed like one of those movies where they put the best jokes in the trailers to reel people in. It’s nice to see Will Poulter in another film though.

    We're The Millers Review: Jason Sudeikis stars alongside Jennifer Aniston's breasts and an iPhone in average comedy
    Joseph Brennan

    just wanted to say that your friend’s comment about Kiki’s Delivery Service filled me with rage. I thought it would resonate most with a young adult audience, with Kiki leaving home for the first time and trying to find her place in the world.

    Brave: A Victim of Favouritism?
    Joseph Brennan

    Loved reading this article. very informative and I learnt a lot from reading it. I remember reading somewhere that it is thought that 90% of films made before 1930 are considered lost. It is mind-boggling. What’s worse is when there are still photographs of lost films. it makes the loss seem even more tragic.

    Lost to History: Film and Television We May Never See Again
    Joseph Brennan

    I only watched para-Norman and Wreck-It Ralph recently (haven’t seen Brave yet). In my mind, Para-Norman is the superior film and judging by the post-Oscars chatter, it got robbed. That being said, the decision to brave didn’t irk me so much (sorry this is going off-topic) as Jennifer Lawrence being awarded best Actress over Emmanuelle Riva.
    I’m curious as to why you are so against the idea of Finding dory. Finding Nemo didn’t need a sequel, but the direction Pixar went with, by exploring Dory’s backstory was probably the best decision. I remember first watching Nemo as a kid and wanting to know more about Dory.

    Brave: A Victim of Favouritism?
    Joseph Brennan

    I studied Faustus for a year in school. It’s what got me into Renaissance literature.

    4 Renaissance Plays That Weren't Written by Shakespeare
    Joseph Brennan

    I’d heard great things about The Ghost Writer so I will try and check it out. Hunger is definitely amazing. Top-notch list.

    5 Political Films You May Have Missed
    Joseph Brennan

    I remember hen I first heard about the Halo movie. I was so excited. District 9 was awesome though, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

    The Biggest Blockbusters Never Made