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    Which Green Lantern should join the DC Comics Cinematic Universe?

    Justice League will debut next November. The Justice League, also known as the Justice League of America, has been DC Comics most prominent super hero team for 56 years! Now, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg will now join forces to fight the forces of evil and defend the innocent on the big screen.

    However, there is one long time member of the Justice League that is missing…Green Lantern. Green Lantern is one of DC Comics "flagship" titles and has been a long time staple of the Justice League. So why no Green Lantern? Is it because the Green Lantern film from 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds bombed in the box office? Possibly.

    But another reason may be the fact that DC Comics has been retooling and updating Green Lantern for decades, in order to make Green Lantern a more diverse character. As a result, there have been seven prominent versions of the ring wielding hero. Hal Jordan, who is Caucasian and was played by Reynolds in 2011, has been DC Comics definitive Lantern since 1960.

    However, DC Comics has allowed minorities, such as John Stewart from the Justice League animated series, to take the ring for a time. A film focusing on the Green Lantern Corps is supposedly coming out in 2020, but Warner Bros has yet to reveal which Lantern will lead the Corps. Should DC Comics and Warner Bros remain faithful to the source material and fandom by giving Hal Jordan a second chance, or should they let a more diverse character become the definitive Green Lantern for their Cinematic Universe, and an entire generation of young super hero fans? This article would go into the histories of each major Green Lantern (Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz) in order to see which Green Lantern should join the DC Comics Cinematic Universe.

    • I think, in order to create the cinematic universe it so covets, DC has to introduce two or more Lanterns in one movie. Then they could do a great character dichotomy/foil thing, which would develop multiple characters (as pretty much none of their characters are developed at this point, in part due to lack of substantive character interactions). I'd say intro Hal as Parallax, and they develop Guy and John (so much great contrast there, I love it), but I was always a fan of chronology. Probably with John as the protagonist and Guy as comedic relief. Alan....doesn't count in my head, ha. Kyle is great, but they could start him off as Ion to avoid overcrowding GLs. Simon and Jessica probably don't have enough stories to adapt yet. Now I really want to write this topic, but don't have the time... Good luck to whomever writes this! I greatly look forward to reading it. – m-cubed 7 years ago
    • A couple of weeks ago, DC officially announced that Green Lantern Corps would be made starring both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, so maybe the article could instead focus more on the comic origins and significance of those characters and what they would be contributing to the DCCU? And possibly why another Lantern may have been a better decision if the author feels that way. – LC Morisset 7 years ago

    Straight-to-Video Movies and your Childhood

    When most people talk about movies that they’ve loved since they were little, they are most likely talking about theatrically released films. However, if you were born during the heyday of video rental stores, such as Blockbuster Video, there is a chance that your favorite childhood film never made it to the silver screen. While most straight-to-video films are not considered crown gems, to say the least, that does not mean that they should be ignored and forgotten. This article will go into the history of direct-to-video films aimed at the child market, as well as an in-depth reflection of my favorite childhood straight-to-video film, Disney’s Where the Toys Come From (1983). I would also encourage readers to post their own favorite straight-to-video film and their reasons why, so I can discuss those films in a later article.

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      Loved the article. I think a great follow-up piece would be on Japanese New Wave Cinema. Have you ever seen Seijun Suzuki’s films? Tokyo Drifter is INSANE!

      The French New Wave

      I highly recommend taking writing classes at Second City. Not only do they have great writing teachers, but it’s a great way to meet and collaborate with other aspiring writers!

      Can you Teach Someone how to Become a Writer?

      What I love about Freaks and Geeks the most is that it’s just more proof that Thomas F. Wilson is an amazing actor. Go Coach!

      Freaks and Geeks: One Season, 17 Years of Cultural Influence