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    The Internet's Mob Mentality: Normal or Dangerous

    Whether it be Assassins’s Creed or Call of Duty, The end of Mass Effect 3 or the content in Destiny "The Internet" seems to hold a singular idea of what is occurring. This has led to extreme amounts of hate and discontent on the internet against many, is this to be expected or this possibly a fire moving towards gasoline.

    • I would add a question mark at the end and clear up the subject of "many," but otherwise great question. I think it's a particularly relevant topic to those who have been on certain sites such as reddit, which many refer to as an "echo chamber" because dissenting views are so heavily downvoted. – Connor Gregorich-Trevor 8 years ago
    • The content of the post suggests to examine the impact of games in relation to people's discontent on the internet, but the title is more general. – aferozan 8 years ago

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    Great article start to finish as a closet romantic who is rather skeptical of the state modern anime drama/romance it’s nice seeing some thing that may make me come back.

    5 Anime Soaps for Skeptics of the Medium

    I remember first completing the Stanley Parable for the first time just doing everything the narrator told me. After a short time I would stumble upon an interpretation for that ending that changed everything for me and from that point forward I couldn’t look at anyone of the endings as less than meaningful. I believe as you pointed out in your article the interaction the player has to the story and experience of the game is what draws the lines we have. I’d best equate it to being on a road trip: does it make you want to take the wheel and drive? Or are you just content watching the world go?

    Gone Home and The Stanley Parable: Story Exploration and Agency

    Tale as old as time am I right? We’ve seen from very early on the war between Marvel and DC and with this new medium they are exploring they continue to add more rounds to this fight. To get straight to the hot debate here, I think overall Marvel is the better of the two. Not to say DC is bad or inept just they are lacking in one key area: their heroes. The three most recognizable heroes in the world are (or at least for a time) Batman, Superman, and Spider man. DC owns two of those spots yes, however when we look at it they are the only heroes who have maintained their spot lights. Even with that Superman has quickly becoming a boring and stagnant character that just happens to make more than enough money for it to not matter. Batman is of course Batman, he (and the bat family) have carried the load for DC when it comes to heroes and even with the success of shows like Arrow and The Flash they still seem to be little more than side shows to the main attraction. Now undoubtedly DC has better villains, no debate. Marvel has had so few GOOD villains we often don’t care for who the hero fights anymore. In the end my point boils down to this: the comics are about the heroes and whoever has better heroes wins.

    DC v Marvel War: What is it Good For?