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    New Season: When should it end?

    Various TV series are loved and enjoyed for different factors that lead to producers investing more as time passes and ratings rise. It’s good for the show, the production, and the fans as more seasons get made. But when is the limit of stretching a story? Especially when lead actors decide to leave the cast?

    Helpful examples are long running shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, the CW Arrowverse, Once Upon A Time, etc., and even more recent hit shows like Stranger Things. Also, a good comparison are with shows that did well with just one season, particularly “limited series”, a current television trend that includes Netflix’s Maniac and HBO’s Sharp Objects.

    • This is a really cool topic, I actually think about this a lot. For example, Dexter is my favourite show, but I do think they should have ended sooner than they did, since the story felt stretched. What do you think is a good gauge for knowing when to end a show? – priyashashri 1 year ago
    • Any good show should end when they run out of stories to tell or when the narration should obviously conclude. The order should be story>show. With so many shows, it is the other way around- They decide there should be more seasons because ratings are good or whatever and come up with a clearly forced narrative. – abky 1 year ago
    • I think a really good example is ‘Community.’ In it’s final episode the characters address that it must be the last episode for various reasons, including the fact that many actors had left. They offer suggestions as to what the storyline of the hypothetical ‘next season’ will be, and they conclude that it can’t be. Or there’s a reference in an episode where the earliest seasons are referred to as the best era (that’s paraphrased, I cant remember verbatim). Just a really cool example of a show’s self awareness that it has run its course, and the decision process the show’s creators would have had to go through. – leersens 1 year ago

    What’s the hook of Korean romance dramas?

    Korean romance dramas span a variety of sub-genres that generally entice old and new audiences but romance narratives typically and expectedly end one of two ways: the protagonist and love interest end up, or not. Even if predictable, why does it sell to the audience? What aspects make Korean romance dramas addicting?

    Further topic: the heteronormative themes and couples of Korean romance dramas and its underlying effect on the audience

    • Good question As a K drama addict myself I think it has to do with good development of the characters. It could be high fantasy, a crime drama but the characters are what makes us love them – Amelia Arrows 2 years ago
    • It would be interesting to compare similar dramas, comparing story structure and characters. – kerrybaps 2 years ago

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    Clone Wars is my favorite part of the whole Star Wars universe. It’s actually what hooked me in the first place. (And I wish more film-only fans can watch it too.) The writing in this show has always been well thought out and incredible, and as you said, they succeed in humanizing the clones who were a vital part in the war and Order 66.

    Your breakdown of the helmet symbolism is amazing! The clones are as much protagonists as Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-wan. Their helmets are the reminder, though now painful, of that.

    The Heartbreaking Symbolism of The Clone Helmet In Star Wars: The Clone Wars's Final Episodes

    I agree with your perspective on writing! The process may be done individually but to truly appreciate it is a shared experience. 🙂

    Thank you for reading! I hope you find fanfiction to your liking and enjoyment!

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans

    Fanfiction definitely still holds a lot of stigma to people who are less involved in fan culture. Often, I also have to omit telling my friends that I read/write fanfiction because they would only judge. But if fanfiction is important to you, then it should stay important. They may not be published books but they are still are stories. 🙂

    I hope you and your friends still enjoy fanfics!

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans

    I agree. Fanfiction still derives from the set characters that media provides and more often than not, it lacks women and their agency as people. It’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. Killing Eve is a wonderful exception and example of great media.

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans

    I can’t deny that even in fanfiction it takes a lot more scouring tags and fandoms to discover f/f fanfics that tell their story well and respect their characters. Maybe with a particular f/f specific fandom, you can find a worthy f/f fanfic or maybe you can try your hand at writing 🙂

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans

    Kudos to that doofenshmirtz x perry fanfic 😂

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans

    Oh, not at all. In fact, I’m hoping to say that everybody is free to enjoy and write fanfiction. I merely specified a minority because of the common social issues but fanfiction is definitely a platform for anyone. After all, it’s one of its unique and welcoming characteristics. 🙂 I hope you keep loving fanfiction!

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans

    Good point! Well done gaining inspiration and developing your ideas! They sound interesting. Best of luck! 🙂

    Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans