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    Do you trust big companies to keep your personal information safe

    According to NBC news, Yahoo recently confirms of a new whopping number in the 2014 security breach that took place hacking 500 million users personal information. Analyze the importance of personal Information in the different companies that require you to submit all your sensitive data. Do you think companies should pay the extra dollar for tighter security, or wait til they endure a massive breach and risk having to pay out as a consequence.


    • This is a very important topic to consider given the many breaches that have happened in the past few years. Millions of online users have been violated after taking a huge risk of trusting these big companies with their personal information. Would tighter security ensure safety from hackers? – Jai Modo 8 years ago

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    Never seen a episode of this show but reading this made me want to try it out. Interesting!

    Objects in Breaking Bad: If Things Could Talk

    I have always watched friends, I watched it all through my pregnancy when all I could do was eat and rest. I see the similarities in How I met your mother, just never was able to get into it as much as Friends. And I am
    Not quite sure why? I have watched all seasons of Friends and only a handful of episodes of How I met your Mother. Great read, thanks for sharing!

    The Effect of "Friends"

    This why I love streaming, although I don’t get every movie or show I would like on Netflix, I’m not paying high prices for cable, and channels I don’t want to watch anyway. Any for every title you can’t find on Netflix, you can find on another streaming site.

    Online VS On TV: Is Cable Becoming Obsolete?

    Well said! Privacy is a right that should not be infringed upon when a government body sees fit

    The Unicorn: An Argument for the Non-Existence of Privacy