Melina Gills

Melina Gills is an avid film and television watcher who is studying to get her PhD in Comparative Literature. She is from Brooklyn and also known as Shoot the Critic.

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This is a strong list. I think we watch the same television series, even though I would have changed the order around a bit. I would also add Vic Mackey from The Shield and Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Vic did some awful things and became increasingly criminal, but he also complicated his own villainy with some less selfish, more morally-driven acts. If GoT has a protagonist at all, it would be Tyrion, its most sympathetic character but also one who remains on the dark side with the Lannister clan.

Top 7 Morally Ambiguous Television Protagonists

I have to say, I do not appreciate the fact of your using “we” as if all people who love films will agree with everything you say. I watched “Yojimbo,” for example, when I was in high school, rented from the video store (back in the day), and I loved it. I was totally engaged the entire time. Meanwhile, although I love Goodfellas and Taxi Driver, there are Scorsese movies that bore the hell out of me. I think the best films are the ones about which you cannot make that “study” / “learn” distinction. From the list you gave, it seems you prefer American movies (you listed Chaplin, Scorsese, and Hitchcock) while it’s more of a task for you to watch people like Kurosawa and Bergman. But that’s on you – not cinephiles. Shawshank Redemption is a fine film that is worth a watch, but it is no Vertigo or 8 1/2 or Persona. The latter are meant to be watched over and over again– not just endless to study but to enjoy.

Films We Watch Versus Films We Study

Tarantino doesn’t know what he’s talking about… great list! Hitchcock made Marnie when he was around 65. Many people don’t like it, but I think it’s great. I would have added it.

12 Great Films by Older Filmmakers

Right there with you. Ever since Big Fish, I have been turned off from everything Burton has done. However, it seems he’s learning from his mistakes and turning a new corner. Frankenweenie was very sweet and unique, reminding me quite a bit of both Edward S and Beetle J. I love his sense of humor, and it was back in full swing. If he can revive his creativity, it would be a great gain for us all. Thanks for reminding us!

Tim Burton: Devotion and Disappointment

OK so maybe you only watch male films from the U.S.? Because you’ve missed so many great duos like Elisabeth and Alma from Persona, Benigno and Marco from Talk to Her, or Julio and Tenoch from Y Tu Mama TambiĆ©n? What about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which should be right up your alley? Otherwise, I enjoyed most of the ones you have listed (especially Marty and the Doc!)

Top 10 Film Duos: Films to See Before Kick-Ass 2

I understand your point, but discussing what was not nominated is also a big part of this process and not necessarily a negative one. Critics will note absences that then get filled in the next years; voters sometimes take convincing from such critics to take a series more seriously. As for Lilyhammer, I didn’t really think of it as a Netflix series since it was co-produced with and first premiered on a Norwegian channel, thus following a more traditional release format (whereas House of Cards bypassed all of that). But you’re right, it was its first official program.

Most Notable Snubs for the 2013 Emmy Awards

I couldn’t agree more, particularly regarding Anna Gunn. She is my pick to win for best supporting actress in a drama. I was also really happy to see Tony Hale nominated for Veep. He is so great as Buster but also very good on his new show. Thanks for your thoughts! Hopefully next year, there will be many more nominations for such series as House of Cards,The Americans, and Arrested Development.

Most Notable Snubs for the 2013 Emmy Awards

Agreed. TBBT can be funny but often lacks any kind of innovation in its humor. Arrested Development is where you go for daring, witty, surprising comedy. Maybe too good for the Emmys?

Most Notable Snubs for the 2013 Emmy Awards