Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly

Undergraduate at University of Maryland studying Architecture and Film Studies. Favorite Director: Martin Scorsese.

Junior Contributor II

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Megan Kelly

Scorsese is truly one of the finest directors of the last 50 years. His films excite and inspire me with every viewing. Raging Bull is a personal favorite, because it implores all of his most recognizable motifs. Catholic underlying themes, the internal battle of man between God and sin, the way he depicts women, all provide a truly interesting backdrop for the story he chooses to tell. Great article.

Raging Bull review: a character study for the ages
Megan Kelly

I loved Scorsese’s take on the reckless turmoil that the American Dream has spiraled into. My first viewing of the trailer made me both excited and energized, something I have felt from very few previews these days. Scorsese is, was, and always will be my favorite director.

The Wolf of Wall Street: Scorsese's Surprisingly Fun Takedown of the American Dream?
Megan Kelly

After viewing Wolf quite a number of times, and speaking to other that saw it, I was shocked at how many people despised the crude vulgar imagery Belfort surrounded himself with in the film. I thought it was one of Scorsese’s best of recent years. The pure unadulterated energy seeping from every scene electrified my viewing experience and made me crave more. I love the film, and great article!

In Defense of The Wolf of Wall Street: Why Jordan Belfort's Lifestyle Needed to be Glamorized
Megan Kelly

I can still remember the first time I read Howl and how it honestly shook me. To this day, I have found few other poems that have really evoked that type of reaction by it’s power and keen word use.

Ginsberg's "Howl" and the Birth of a New Generation of Literature
Megan Kelly

Hoffman is one of the finest actors of the last few decades. Capote and Boogie Nights are my personal favorites and I was glad to see then included on this ‘best of’ list!

10 Greatest Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances
Megan Kelly

Excellently written article. I really enjoyed the exploration of Tony’s doubts and hesitations throughout the majority of the series.

The Sopranos and Existentialism: Explaining the End
Megan Kelly

I think Interstellar has the potential to be one of the greatest films of 2014. Nolan plus the new McConaughey? Recipe for success.

2014 in Film: The Next Few Months
Megan Kelly

I too think the “Fancy” video is truly one of the best this year! Iggy’s perfect replication really was perfect timing with the resurge of 90s nostalgia coming around various aspects anymore: fashion, music, etc all have notes of the not too long ago era.

Top Five Music Videos of 2014 (so far)