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    When The Bough Breaks: An American Paranoia

    This article will analyze the relationship between modern day film and film of the earlier eras. It will be a comparison of story plot to draw out the cause of American paranoia. During the 20th century, film was a depiction of hope, change, and what our idea of the American Dream should be. Today in film, we see the consequences of our own decisions and individualities. There is the message of "if you do this, this will happen" which wasn’t a thing in American Culture and film during the 20th century. The newly released film When The Bough Breaks takes the innocent act of surrogacy and twists it into a diabolical plot against an unsuspecting couple.

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      Excellent Article! This is a topic that is often discussed in today. We often wonder why women objectify themselves and have a false perception of how they must look but never go back to the root of it all. We blame it on people like the Kardashians and video vixens but the idea that it all stems from Disney Princesses was brilliant! I myself have never looked at it that way. Disney movies capture the intended essence of the character but does not fully understand what her role plays in little girls life. The image of perfection is displayed and makes her wonder if the is ever good enough to be a “princess” or in order to be one she must look that way.

      Fairytales and Feminism: "I Don't Wanna be Like Cinderella"

      I love this! I have never seen Philadelphia but I will soon be watching. Reading this article reminded me of Rent, which was also a very heartfelt movie for me. AIDS is a topic that I find very interesting because of the reaction that it brings. Seeing these reactions come to life from movies is also very intriguing. Thank you!

      Philadelphia and AIDS: Looking Past the Pedantry

      Well written. I am personally unfamiliar with the game but the article sparked some interest. Great connection to accepting failure!

      How Dark Souls Teaches Us to Accept Failure