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    The Portrayal of Demons in Anime

    Demons are quite common in anime, whether it’s the sexy Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler or the lovable Inuyasha from the anime of the same name. In fact, demons are more common in mainstream anime than angels. And when they do interact, it’s usually the demons that come out as the good guy. Why is that the case? What appeal do demons have? What are some other portrayals of demons?

    Note: You can focus on just humanoid demons, like Sebastian and Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist, or you can expand it to include Inuyasha and creatures like Kurama from the Naruto series. For an additional challenge, you can also include interactions between angels and demons, like Sebastian and Ash/Angela, and compare the characters.

    • I was also curious where the story of "the demon lord" came from? Is this a folklore thing? – Busyotaku 4 weeks ago

    Why Is Anime So Popular in the West?

    What do Western audiences (Canada and Europe as well as America) find so appealing in anime? Analyze and compare the more popular/recent series and see what conclusions you make with them.
    An additional challenge would be to compare the anime are more popular in the West with the anime that are more popular in Japan. Or, if that is too difficult, then compare the genres that are more popular/well-known in the East and West.
    e.g. Is My Hero Academia as big in Japan as it is in America? What about Death Note?
    You can also research less mainstream anime that is big in either Japan or the West.

    • I generally agree with the comments made by M.L.Flood, but please be a little less ameri-centric. The 'West' consists of more countries than just America and Canada. – Amyus 4 months ago
    • I like the topic so much and I think that approaching why certain anime are more popular in the West and why others are more popular in Japan would be interesting as well. There may be cultural and social reasons for it. Other than that, great topic! – MC07 4 months ago

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    Latest Comments

    A problem that I have with Seras Victoria’s outfits in Hellsing.
    We have to remember that teenaged girls will wear shorter and skimpier clothing anyway (or they used to; maybe it’s different now), so some of the outfits may reflect actual teenage rebellion. Still, large breasts really piss me off (especially with Ukraine’s portrayal from Hetalia). And those naked shower scenes are NOT NEEDED.
    Another thing to consider is the sexualization of men. Especially in Free! Technically, these guys are teenaged boys, but they have the muscles of grown men. Yes, they swim and work out, but I do not think they would get that buff so quickly. And they are shirtless a lot of the time! It’s not just girls who suffer in anime; boys do, too.

    Anime in America: The Adverse Affect on Women

    Oops. I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was supposed to credit topic suggestions.

    The Religious Politics of Hellsing Ultimate

    I definitely feel wokeness is a problem with today’s films. I’m especially concerned with the new Mulan film, how it seems to be pushing the fact that Mulan is a woman and she’s going to do things her way, yada yada.
    On that note, why remake that film? It was perfect just the way it was.

    The Paradox of the Strong Female Character

    I couldn’t watch The Rise of Skywalker. Not after what they did to Luke in The Last Jedi. Really, did we need a sequel trilogy? Especially when it turned out like this?

    The Rise of Skywalker Succeeds As A Legacy Film But Illustrates The Flaws Of Disney Era Star Wars

    Your article answers the question of whether or not James Bond should be female. (Basically, no.)

    GLOW: Actual Feminist Filmmaking in #MeToo Hollywood

    Moana and Mulan are definitely my favourite Disney princesses. So independent. And the music in their films is amazing!
    Also, Moana actually looks and sounds like she’s 16. A first for Disney.

    How Princesses of Color Have Improved the Disney Princess Narrative

    I’m not interested in Netflix. Honestly, I probably never will. Give me the good old DVD.
    On that note, I could upgrade to Blueray/Blueray-DVD.

    The Age of Streaming Services: Then, Now, and Beyond

    I read the Twilights books and saw half of the first film and all of the second. I agree that the films followed the books closely.

    An Analysis into Screen Adaptations