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    Persona 5: Forcing a 'Change of Heart' for the cost of 'Free Will'

    Persona 5 takes realistic antagonists and uses an unorthodox means to force them…to change them. Heck, early in the game, it was said that this method risks killing the antagonist.

    It is a topic that isn’t questioned too much deep in game and I thought it would be nice to get that discussion going. Do note the game just came out so the discussion of Persona 5 is limited if anyone wants to add spoilers…which I do think it isn’t necessary. In addition, I feel like this discussion could extend any other actions which ultimately is a means to ‘force change’.

    The general reason the Phantom Thieves are generally accepted as a force of good is because they are mainly fighting back abusers. I would also mention Death Note and how it also had a similar tale of Light, his sense of Justice and his god complex. A bad end in Persona 5 suggests a similar god complex as well.

    • There's a lot going on here, I'd simplify the actual prompt (is it whether or not such an act is moral? justified?) and probably take out the Death Note comparison unless it's the major focus of the entire topic ("Compare Persona 5 and Death Note"); otherwise, it just feels like a semi-unrelated side note. – m-cubed 6 years ago
    • I feel like such a topic can lead into 'whether forceful acts are moral' using Persona 5 and Death Note (and other stories) an overarching theme for discussion. – plumbunnies 6 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    I actually consider your Con 1 a Pro. It just has to be developed well so that they can still be considered one shots while still link together.

    The Pros and Cons Of Developing A Cinematic Universe

    I think it is because in this day and age, it is very easy to label someone the next Youtube or Vine star just because they do something that is actually a few minutes to even just six seconds long at a time. It is time to recognize that these Youtube/Vine Stars are just other person. Really, I do see part of the fault in elevating them in the first place. On the same time, if they weren’t elevated, we wouldn’t see them with an infamy attached or even behind bars now. Strange how life works sometimes.

    Viners and YouTubers: The Internet's New Villains?

    It really does depend. Some people play the game for the puzzles more than the story while others, although still enjoying the puzzles, also play for the story and don’t mind to check a walkthrough more so than the former. For me, it can be the latter and other times, I check it out to prevent myself from going crazy and going insane (and loose patience) just because I didn’t know I could do something. The issue sometimes though is getting OFF of the walkthrough, using it as a crutch at the end. Although, unless it is from the source itself, I admire the people that make such a walkthrough because they took the patience and figure it out on their own.

    Video Games & The "Just Google It" Mentality

    Yeah, I see your point. Like, with Red, you still watch…you still toss some commands just to see how far it will go. And then there is the case of lagging…and how that affects the inputs and such.

    Although sometimes I think some people’s conclusions of actions being somewhat controlled is somewhat over the top. I mean, I understand there is always gonna be someone trying to make chaos and make it more difficult to other people but at the same time, I think there are cases where someone was trying to send out an input to Red a few inputs ago.

    I like both the original system and the anarchy/democracy element…but like a friend of mine said, I would have preferred sticking to the system even if Red didn’t make it…just maintain the experiment the same till the end.

    Why Twitch Plays Pokémon is Important

    Yeah, I’m hoping for all of this. Maybe something new as well like the changes for the PGSM plot. As much as I love Sailor Moon, I kinda still would like to enjoy this anime on its own merits too.

    10 Anticipated Manga-induced Changes for the New Sailor Moon Anime

    I’m a tad iffy with Runaways due to its hiatus/abandonment. I did wish it continued.

    The Graphic Novel: 5 Titles Worth Your Time

    I would have liked to know your position on the change of the pure ‘anarchy’ system to a system that shifts between anarchy vs democracy. And maybe some mention that there is a Pokemon Blue running but differs due to lack of popularity of Red. But I totally agree that this is an important and amazing experiment.

    Why Twitch Plays Pokémon is Important