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    I’ve only seen Brick, but it was a great movie! One of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s best and most underrated roles. I’ll definitely try to check out a few more on this list.

    8 Films in Desperate Need of Your Attention

    Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorite shows! I marathoned all seven seasons a few years ago and it was such a great experience. Rory and Lorelai are the perfect protagonists and the town is so weird and interesting. I think the quality did suffer a bit in the college years, but I’m glad it ended with Luke and Lorelai back together and Rory rejecting Logan -I always thought she should have ended up with Jess ๐Ÿ™‚

    5 Reasons to Watch Gilmore Girls

    To be fair, I get what you guys are saying and I agree that the last few episodes have been a lot better than what’s been happening for a while -mainly I think because they’ve reverted to Katherine as a villain for the time being and we’re actually invested in her character and she’s a funny and great villain. But once she’s out of Elena’s body (and she will be soon), we’re back to Wes and Travelers, whom I couldn’t care less about. Matt loses all purpose unless he continues to hook up with Nadia, which is not really a very meaty storyline. I guess I just don’t really see a very compelling arc for the rest of the season.

    4 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Spiraling into Mediocrity

    The Originals is good in comparison to S5 of TVD, but I agree with Drake – compared to Season 1 of Vampire Diaries, it’s nowhere near as good. I feel like they’ll run out of story kind of quickly. I’m already tired of Klaus’s non-development and continual quest for power. Elijah (and Marcel) is mainly why I watch it.

    4 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Spiraling into Mediocrity

    Seasons 1 and 2 are GREAT. First few episodes of Season 1 are a bit soapy (the pilot in particular is terrible), but the show definitely finds its footing and veers out of that territory fast. Season 3 isn’t bad either, but not as good as the previous ones, so it just depends on if you’re still interested in watching the story. It’s definitely worth watching for at least two seasons though.

    4 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Spiraling into Mediocrity

    I haven’t seen most of these shows, but I can comment on Game of Thrones at least. Sure, Brienne is seen as powerful and earns respect because of her masculine-like qualities, but by saying she is the ONLY female character who is respected on that show because of her masculinity is doing an injustice to all the other female characters. Melisandre and Cersei and Catelyn are all quite feminine, but they are equally powerful and the men are at times just as fearful of them as they would be of Brienne. They are powerful in a more subtle way; they work behind the scenes, they use their sexuality to get things done, and why shouldn’t they? Same with Daenerys. She’s not physically strong, but she has armies upon armies of men ready to fight for her because of other traits she possesses (not sexuality in this case, but kindness and compassion and an interior strength). She is respected, and not for any masculine traits she shows. I think GOT has some of the best women in television and they are all strong in some sense -even Sansa. Brienne has one form of power in her physical capabilities, but she is not seen as the sole strong female character because of this physicality. I actually think she’s emotionally quite vulnerable, unlike a lot of the other women, and has some weakness in that regard.

    Representations of Women in Television: A Feminist's Dilemma

    Oh and as for Tom -again, similar to Leslie, I think they made him sell Rent a Swag so that he had his first experience with a successful business, which taught him a lot and gave him some cash to start something new. The writers are avoiding stagnancy; they don’t want the characters to be stuck in the same job/place for long, so they move them on to bigger and better things eventually. We got the comedy out of Rent A Swag and now its time for Tom to find something better and funnier to invest in.

    Parks and Recreation: Pawnee's Empty Promises

    I’m going to give some credit to the show -it’s been unbelievably satisfying until this point and I feel like the writers know what they’re doing. This is midseason; we’re supposed to be at the lowest point and build our way back up so in the finale things look optimistic again.

    I trust the reason they took Leslie off City Council was to give her bigger and better things in the future -look no further than her 1 hour conversation with Jennifer Barkley. Jennifer said that Leslie has the potential to make change on a higher level, and I take that conversation as a subtle hint of things to come in the future. Mayor, maybe even a House representative? There’s no way they’re going to leave Leslie in the Parks department forever.

    As for April, I too believe there’s a deeper reason for her lack of interest in vet school, but again, I think that will come out with some time. April probably wouldn’t open up to Ann about it – I think we’ll see her having this conversation with Andy or Leslie. Also, working her way up to director of animal control is no small feat. She’s had growth.

    As for the babies, I’m more than sure we’ll get our fair share of humor with Ron and his mini Swanson when it’s born -Diane is not a main character, so being with her during her pregnancy is not a priority for the show. And Rashida and Rob wanted to leave the show, so it’s not really the writers’ fault that they can’t follow up on Ann’s pregnancy. I’m fine with not really seeing it.

    Anyway I’m a defender of Parks and Rec and I really hope this seasons ends up just as great as the other ones.

    Parks and Recreation: Pawnee's Empty Promises