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    Uchiha Itachi and Severus Snape

    Compare the two fictional characters by contrasting character development for each. Also, shed light on how similarly crucial each character’s narrative is to the overarching narrative.

    • Can you offer more context? Comparison in what manner? Also, most people are familiar with Snape and his character - but perhaps not so much with Itachi. – Karen 6 years ago
    • @Karen This would be fitting as a revision to this topic. =) – Misagh 6 years ago
    • I didn't want the topic to be restrictive. But I am sure the concept of sacrifice should figure in the comparison... Anyone who is familiar with both characters should be tempted to write about the parallels between them--I think. – purplelight71 6 years ago
    • My revision was marked as fixed, however your summary is the same as before. Please add more context to your topic. – Pamela Maria Schmidt 6 years ago
    • Oh I apologize I thought 'fixed' was like pin this comment here! I'm new here :( – purplelight71 6 years ago
    • Why is this side by side comparison important to explore? They may well be very similar, but the similarities between morally gray characters in two unrelated (albeit popular) franchises isn't necessarily a relevant topic. You can write a paper comparing any two things and even make a successful argument about it, but there should be a good reason to make the comparison in the first place. So why is it worth while to contrast and compare these guys? – TheCropsey 6 years ago
    • One thing that joins these two characters is how much the fandom loves them and forgives them after hearing about their true motives despite the fact that they both did horrible things. You can examine how Rowling and Kishimoto managed to make them fan favourites to the point where some fans don't care that they were presented as horrible people for the majority of the series. – tmtonji 6 years ago
    • purplelight71 no worries! – Pamela Maria 6 years ago

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    That invisible barrier between reality and fiction. If love exist, then that’s exactly where it should be I guess. I never thought about it from the Ancient Greek perspective… I just usually refer to it as identification. Thank you for the new perspective.

    Can You Really Fall In Love With a Fictional Character?

    “Is he a hero? You see, I don’t see him really as a hero. He-he’s spiteful, he’s a bully—all of these things are still true of Snape, even at the end of this book.”
    J.K. Rowling isn’t JK when she says this.
    And this makes me think that she doesn’t understand the the world of Harry Potter. Maybe she didn’t come up with it. Maybe it just hit her like revelation.

    Harry Potter: The Importance of Antagonists

    In the game of sub and dub, you must sub the dub and leave it on the bench.

    Are you a Sub or a Dub?