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    Finding a safe haven outside of society

    After watching Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, a big part of the movie centered on this safe space for these extraordinary children to live in peace. How do spaces like these Loops come about in our own society? Are they still part of society when they are in these safe spaces?

    • Interesting topic, but it might be stronger for whoever chooses to write it to focus on a variety of literary and/or filmic texts for inquiry, rather than this vague question about "our own society" with one text as its jumping-off point. In inverse approach may prove to be more effective, perhaps looking at Miss Peregrine's Home, as well as Hogwarts, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Narnia, Terabithia, even Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and any number of other examples, which can then be followed by a coda about "our own society" as a real-world application of the fantastical motif. I'd also recommend including some examples in which spaces that were initially perceived as safe prove to be quite the opposite upon further scrutiny (such as Lord of the Flies and Coraline). – ProtoCanon 8 years ago

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    There’s something about the fall of humans or someone with power to grab the audience’s attention. Kurtz’s case is no different. There are always limitations to what humans can do and seeing how he could effectively put these “masks on” and charm those around him can only lead him so far. The complexity of this character who’s mind seems in chaos due to what’s around him was interesting to read. I enjoyed Heart of Darkness and is still one of my favorite novellas.

    Heart of Darkness: The Two-Sided Mask of Kurtz

    The appeal to story telling and plot an audience has to a video allows them to engage with that medium on a deeper level. The KPOP group Bangtan Sonyeondan who recently released their newest album Wings, took their fans and audience on a ride with their short film music videos in which each had their plot and somehow connected to one another. Taking their inspiration from the novel Demian, fans attempted to put together how exactly these 7 short films fit together and what it all meant. Added to this the visuals in each of the videos really captured attention and led to high audience ratings. The internet which has made these things readily available adds to this level of experience where the audience is invited to participate and therefore gain a new understanding of that around them.

    K-Pop on YouTube: How the Platform Has Made it Global

    The thing about YA, especially in dystopian novels, is that teenagers are almost always trying to get away from institutions and all the bad that they do in the world. This sheds bad lighting on those who are actually trying to help and makes readers believe they cannot find help from those that come from institutions. Instead, it becomes up to them to find the solutions to their problems, which is hard to do as it is. Instead, YA novels, as some have done, need to tell readers that finding help is okay and something that should be done. As reading has shown us, we are not alone in what we go through and therefore should not have to deal with these issues on our own.

    Mental Illness in YA: Rehabilitating Sick-Lit