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    Kitana From Princess to Empress of Outworld: Women's clothing in video games

    In the past many video games generally targeted at males, like fighting and racing games feature women characters "scantily clad" clothing. However, when Mortal Kombat 11 released last year, most of the female characters had stronger personalities and covered up a lot more of their skin than they had in previous games.

    One example is Kitana the former princess of Outworld. In previous games, she often wore blue string-like clothing with high boots. As the new Empress of Outworld, however, Kitana not only has power, but is covered from collar bone to ankles.

    • J.D Jankowski-- I apologize for not elaborating, this is my first post. I thought it would be interesting to find some commonalities in how character design and story arcs have progressed over the past thirty or so years in gaming, or possibly other media. Mortal Kombat is a classic example of a game that has been around for a long time. Also, it is a game that has been majorly revamped since it has been taken over by a new company. Munjeera-- By all means, expand on more than just clothing, I just find the new direction in these sorts of games interesting in comparison to how they used to be. Sean Gadus-- Exactly, I was mostly using it as an example but if anyone wanted to take the topic and use another game alongside it as a comparison that would be interesting too. – ruegrey 4 years ago

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    Beautiful read. He has inspired my writing since before I was a teen. This article describes every reason why I admire his work.

    Edgar Allan Poe: Unknown Horrors

    I really enjoyed your argument against the existence of filial love and how it contrasted with familial love.

    The Giver: Memory, Meaning and Belonging

    When I saw this article, I had to click on it. Dynasty Warriors was the first game I played that got me into playing video games. However, I did not play the regular series until DW6; my first game was Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires. I spent hours trying to take over every parcel of land–dictating orders to my generals during peace time was another plus. I admit that this may have not been best for my historical education, but DW remained and excellent strategy game regardless.

    Analyzing Dynasty Warriors and its Spin-Offs: A Warrior Worthy Of Ten Thousand Foes