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    Parasyte: The Maxim as a Symbol for Childhood

    Parasyte: The Maxim is a pretty graphic horror manga from the late 80’s early 90’s with anime and movie spin-offs. I would argue that in the early chapters, the story is symbolic of childhood in the form of Migi, the Parasyte. Migi is eager to learn, very curious, visual, extremely literal, and often misunderstands the young adult human world. Migi is a different look at childhood, from a source that can express itself as an adult with all the aspects of childhood.

    • It might also be good to note whether the symbolism is translated well or poorly into the anime adaptation, or if the anime seems to be aiming for a different message (for example, the various instances that allude to the fact that humanity is killing the environment). – CriticalOtaku 9 years ago
    • This anime did have very good character growth through Shinichi's change in design throughout the series as well. – ChrisKeene 9 years ago

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    Technically, Itachi’s eyes were not entirely his own. Shisui gives his mangekyo (sp?) eyes to Itachi before committing suicide. Shisui knew what was going to happen, and that he alone did not have the power Itachi had to fight back. He was also mortally wounded anyways, so he willingly gave his eyes to Itachi which were then taken by Sasuke. Other than that, I can’t really think of any other Uchiha-Uchiha eye transfers.

    Naruto: In Defense of the Uchiha Clan

    You raised an interesting point that I would love to see expanded upon: how Konoha treats other clans. The Hyuga clan seems to be left up to their own devices, though it is implied the leader is a powerful figure in the community. The Uchihas are eradicated as a potential threat to non-Uchiha people, but that hardly is a reason for destruction on that scale. Konoha seems to have semi-friendly relations with other clans, specifically the Sand Village after Gaara becomes kazekage, but even when the five kage summit occurs there is distrust and hostility towards Danzo, a poor example of a Kohona citizen, but he was chosen to be kage, after all. Konoha seems to be pretty hateful and anti-love towards most everyone else, from what I’ve read anyways.

    Love in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto

    I think the stigma that surrounds fanfiction is an interesting one. I remember telling a friend I was writing The Giver fanfiction and getting laughed at in the middle of a group. Fanfiction is, to me, a ststress-free creative outlet that needs to be explored and understood, almost like a new species of animal. Interesting read, though!

    Fanfiction: The Merits of Originality