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    How the Ending of American Horror Story: Apocalypse Could Have Been Better

    The ending of American Horror Story: Apocalypse left many fans of the series divided. Some praised the ending while others condemned it. To settle the issue for the latter, watch the ending (as well as the entire series if yet to be done) and share how it could have come out more thought-provoking.

    • It might also help to broaden the scope and question whether the bait-and-switch plot at the end of episode 3 helped or could've come in a different part of the series. On one hand, it came early, but on the other, one's commitment to the conclusion might be undercut because they became immersed in one story only to be given another. – Emily Deibler 5 years ago
    • Love this. I would definitely be interested in some series-wide comparisons for context. What made other seasons better, and why? Also, consider what metric you'll be using to judge "good, better, best". Will you use tv ratings, IMBD ratings, or critical reviews? What numbers or objective facts can you use to enhance your argument? I love AHS but didn't like Apocalypse so I'd be very interested to read this. – Eden 5 years ago
    • This is great. I would love to hear a variety of takes on potential alternate endings. – lilliankasulis 5 years ago

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    One could argue that the demon world Dante explores is a manifestation of the evils of humanity.

    Devil May Cry and Fahrenheit 451: A Contemporary Look at Media Control

    To be honest, I would never have considered Sherlock Holmes to have some biological relation to Batman. However, this idea is not impossible and only adds complexity to both characters. I wonder who else could Batman have been based on?

    The Ancestry of Batman

    Sean, I appreciate your choice to shed light on Aquaman. I can agree that many comic lovers have a tendency to down play his character and I never knew his origin story until I read your article. Creating a fictionalized character to battle underwater submarines is an interesting fact. Would you consider writing a script for an Aquaman film? What would your plot be?

    Aquaman: The Underrated Hero