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    The balance between being a traditionalist or a revolutionary in La La Land

    Analyze the struggle that Sebastian faced seeing as he wanted to hold onto jazz and its traditional ties while also aspiring to be a revolutionary. How was he able to accomplish both by the end of the movie?

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    I would say that I am a pretty crafty person and I never knew that it had these “punk” origins. This was an enlightening read and I think that DIY trends have shifted from these roots and taken on an identity of their own.

    Craft-Mageddon: The Explosion of DIY Culture

    The way that you followed this poets work and journeys was interesting. I got to study abroad in Ireland and learn about the well known poets and writers there and it was a wonderful experience. It, too, shaped my writing from what I learned as well as being immersed in such a wonderful culture and environment. It is amazing what travel can do for a person writing.

    The Relationship between Travel and Creative Writing

    As a viewer, I never expect a story to be a perfect display of history because they are two very different things. Stories incorporate the depiction that the writer wants to be seen, they have a job to entertain and use specific measures to do so. With history, I feel that it is best experienced through reading, documentaries, or through things like a historical TV series. In turn, I feel like the two subjects do not go hand-in-hand. Nonetheless, I can always appreciate when the two are combined, but I feel like it is an added bonus rather than a requirement.

    How Important is Historical Accuracy in Films?