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Thomas Priday

I completely agree with everything you said.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a filmmakers obligation to keep the audience (the mass audience, anyway) happy all the time.

In Defense of The Wolf of Wall Street: Why Jordan Belfort's Lifestyle Needed to be Glamorized
Thomas Priday

Some more additions:

L’Argent – Robert Bresson, Age: 82
Film Socialisme – Jean-Luc Godard, Age: 79

12 Great Films by Older Filmmakers
Thomas Priday

Agree with all your choices, although I’d put Blue Velvet ahead of Mulholland Drive. Lynch is easily one of the most interesting American directors to ever make a film.

The Five Best David Lynch Films
Thomas Priday

I’ve never seen the film, but a special screening at a local cinema is being played tomorrow.

You’ve convinced me to see it.

'Throne of Blood': Exploring how Shakespeare can be Adapted Without the Bard's Dialogue
Thomas Priday

I’m surprised Eyes Wide Shut wasn’t mentioned. I still enjoyed reading this article. 🙂

Tom Cruise's 10 Greatest Roles
Thomas Priday

I’m really looking forward to Allen’s new film; Zelig is his best, in my opinion.

8 Films to See Before Blue Jasmine: A Crash Course in Woody Allen Movies
Thomas Priday

I’ve seen the first two, but not the Keaton one. Gonna see it soon.

Also, I’d like to add: if there is a documentary made in the silent era that people need to see, it’s Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera. Absolutely stunning work.

3 documentaries about the silent era you should not miss
Thomas Priday

Nice to see another silent era fanatic. Very interesting post, especially the segments regarding early 1910s movies, probably the silent era’s least successful.

I’ll look out for future posts.

Some noticeable trends of films made in the first years of the XX century