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    The Rise of Pokemon GO

    An in-depth look at the far reaching effects of the newly released mobile AR game, factoring in the sociological implications of a game that requires people to explore the world and interact with each other, the benefits and dangers of said interactions, and the lasting power of nostalgia.

    • I bet you could find an interview with the Pokemon GO producers and what they wanted the game to do for people in terms of getting them outside. – LaRose 8 years ago
    • CNN just released a newsclip on this topic. – Munjeera 8 years ago
    • Pokemon Go has definitely been in the new a lot lately, with police departments issuing safety warnings and a Holocaust museum asking players not to visit if they're just going to play the game. It might be hard to look at the far reaching effects since the game hasn't been out that long, but it would definitely be interesting to see what these effects could be. – S.A. Takacs 8 years ago
    • Pokemon Go was a fun experience at first, it's a shame the hype died down when it did. – Analyzion 7 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Great article! I used to sneer at most fan fiction, but over the past few years I’ve come to see it as a great way for new writers to get started and work on their craft. After all, everybody’s gotta start somewhere.

    Fanficton: A Practice in the Art of Storytelling

    I appreciate the focus on comic books outside the superhero genre. Some of the best comic books I’ve read have been crime comics (100 Bullets, Scalped), horror comics (Wytches) and sci-fi comics (Fear Agent, plus Black Science and Saga, which you mention).

    Regardless of personal taste, comics are a fantastic storytelling medium, and they offer something for everybody!

    A Guide to Reading Comics: Where to Start?

    Interesting read. I also think that people root for Walter because the most of the people he’s up against (e.g. Tuco, Gus, and especially Uncle Jack) are much more ruthless and “evil” than Walter himself, or at least they appear to be.

    Breaking Bad: The Appeal of Walter White