Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

He romances the English language and loves quotes; some of which may inadvertently find their way into his writings: a few, inspired and always,entirely original.

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    The effect of time between subsequent installments on film franchisees

    Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3 were shot back-to-back and released soon one after the other. This is something which James Cameron is also attempting with his Avatar sequels. On the other hand, there was a gap of 59 years between the two installments of Disney’s Fantasia. Analyse the various effect the timing between episodes has on aspects like the box office prospects of the films taking into consideration factors like brand recall and set production costs.

    • I think the effect speaks to the creative principle behind the theme. In Pirates, you have the right actor, the necessary chemistry, and a setting that lends itself to dynamic rehashing of plot. Some which of pertain to other cinematic marvels, Tron, for instance; the same which could be said. But, why drown the audience in Tron revivals when the original accomplished what films are expected to accomplish: take the imagination to new and unrealistic frontiers, time and again, without the need for props and people. When the Tron sequel eventually emerged, it was nearly messianic in its prophetic second coming, to the delight of its loyal cult following. This is going to be a worthwhile literary examination, part of which I have only scratched the surface of--looking forward to it. – lofreire 7 years ago
    • I say if you're going to do installments, space them out reasonably. A gap of 59 years is too long, because by then the original product has already aged too much. People are more inclined to hate the new installment on sight because it's not the old one. Or, they go the other way and give the new installment so much praise, the old one is forgotten. In a series like Pirates, you have to watch spacing of releases so people can keep up. The more episodic your series, the harder it may be for "newcomers" to catch up and keep up. Well-spaced releases, say 2-4 years apart, keep the series audience-friendly. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago

    The portrayal of Medicine in TV Shows

    Audience fascination with medicine has resulted in a large number of riveting TV series pertaining to the topic being made. Analyse the various aspects and ethical dilemmas of medicine portrayed on various medical shows.(even the lesser known ones)

    • It should be. But, you should display acuity in choosing products that are not hoax ( giving you only complications.) – droy 7 years ago
    • This one would take research. So many medical dramas that are designed to come across as authentic still take advantage of common misconceptions in order to cut storytelling corners, and since the bulk of what laypeople know about what to do in a crisis comes from what they've seen on TV, this can be really dangerous. On the other hand, medical dramas are a potential way to introduce little-known or misunderstood health issues to a broader audience, and it could be fascinating to explore the impact of this and the nature of the moral obligation this places on the show to be both informative, non-judgemental yet still present an engaging narrative. – Cat 7 years ago

    Can soundtracks make or break films?

    A great soundtrack is so much more than just a collection of good songs. It can pull the story along while somehow effortlessly blending into the background. The right one often helps define a movie. Analyse the effect the much-recognised soundtracks had in such films as Forrest Gump, Drive, The Departed, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight and others.

    • Great topic! I would recommend choosing around three examples for clarity (one that works because of the score, one that doesn't work because of the score, one that is strengthened by the score). Also, score VS soundtrack, which did you mean? The score is in the film, the soundtrack is a supplementary collection, typically for advertising. – m-cubed 7 years ago
    • Interesting topic...Would be great to do an analysis on animated movies vs live-action, and whether that plays a role in how important the soundtrack is??? – MikeySheff 7 years ago
    • I buy soundtracks based on their content of music acquired by production. I have several soundtracks in my current Vinyl record collection. If you collect them always purchase VINYL RECORDINGS when available you will be glad you did. – WilliamBailey 7 years ago
    • Amazing topic, I would look at live action and animated films, as well as the musical score and songs added into the movie because there can be a difference in the mood the two different types create -GingerSavvy – GingerSavvy 7 years ago
    • As a musician, when the soundtrack is good I definitely have a bias towards the movie. I think the soundtrack definitely makes a difference. Of course, there are times where the acting and plot is not as good as the soundtrack as well. Because music is so important in films, it makes a big difference! – birdienumnum17 7 years ago
    • I would definitely agree on soundtracks making a great movie. Try focusing on the elements on why those soundtracks you listed are great. Just what is it about them that can resonate with a viewer and make a film truly memorable? – DanielMichael 7 years ago
    • Sound production plays such a huge yet underappreciated role in film and TV, I would honestly love to see an article or essay written about it. Also possible use examples like the recent Lady Macbeth, or RAW, and other films which utilize extremely tight or sparing use of music. – Cat 7 years ago
    • Have been waiting for someone to tackle this. Great, great topic. I personally believe film soundtracks can absolutely make or break films. There are so many avenues and arguments to explore about this idea. Hopefully someone writes about it. – JulieCMillay 7 years ago

    Mary Morstan's Impact on the equation between Sherlock and Watson

    Unlike her counterpart in the novel, the makers of Sherlock made a bold decision with their attempt at giving Mary Morstan a very prominent story arc in the third season of the hit TV series. However, the first episode of this season put a tragic end to this promising character’s role. Now, with her part on the Sherlock series over, analyze what part her character played in the lives of the leads, how Sherlock and Watson had their individual priorities changed and what changes may be anticipated in the equation shared by them,especially considering that her death was partly caused by Sherlock’s actions.
    Also, with Molly Hooper still having a very minor role in most episodes, analyze the consequences of the death of the only major female character in the series and whether this was justified(the makers have stated on record that her character was diverting all the attention from Sherlock-Watson and their bromance) considering that her murky past still held the promise of being fodder for more episodes…

    • I imagine one will not be able to fully complete this article until the season has had its run, as Mary's death will no doubt factor into Sherlock and Watson's relationship - I wouldn't call her part "over" quite yet. I like the mention of Mary's novel counterpart, yet it's sad they created such a strong female character to have her die in what I considered a rather ridiculous and undeserving manner. – Karen 7 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    For those interested, there are also plenty of Indian movies which deal with absurdities of time: Oke Oka Jeevitham, Maanaadu, Jango (2021), Mark Antony, Adbhutham, 24 (the one starring Suriya), Aarambham, Mahaveeryar, Who (2018) are some of the recent ones that come to mind.
    Not all hit the mark but refreshing attempts nevertheless.

    Time Travel in Fiction
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    I recently came across Gamera which sent me down a rabbit hole of the rich kaiju lore that Japan has developed.

    While the much-reviled Monsterverse and Pacific Rim series were all about headache-inducing visual spectacles, it is the insidious, palpable dread and intimate insight into human relations that sets Godzilla Minus One apart.

    Godzilla: Japan’s Journey and Relations with the World in Recent Films
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    Another interpretation that I came across was that the entire movie was a dream that played out after Maverick died in the initial impossible Mach-10 flight.
    I found this interesting since this explanation can be easily used to excuse any inconsistencies in the enemy’s representation. Therapeutically, the dream is all about Maverick wishfully setting his personal life and past regrets right one last time.
    Retrospectively, makes the film very poignant.

    Top Gun: Combat on the Screen and the Reality of a High-Stakes Dogfight
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    Just yesterday, I happened to read Neon future. It is a comic by Impact Theory, a university which aspires to bring a radical shift for the better in everyone’s mindset. I really liked the direction they are headed in and efforts being taken to ensure that they are successful.

    Finding the Bridge Between Superhero Comics and Hip-Hop
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    I am not a horror movie buff yet It Follows was a movie which did intrigue me with it’s concept. This article has also laid the foundation which can be used to examine horror films in other languages. It would be interesting to read about films like ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Lapachappi’ and ‘Tumbbad’.

    How Modern Horror Tropes are Revitalizing the Current Horror Genre
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    Thank you so much for this wonderful read! It has become a fascinating pastime to predict which movies will gain cult status over time. I had read plenty of articles declaring ‘Geostorm’ as a favourite to gain this tag by the next decade.

    The Journey of Cult Films
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    The Bronte sisters were truly a tour de force in the field of literature setting standards that proved difficult to match.
    Wuthering Heights is indeed a masterpiece. The novel always leaves me mesmerised. Wonderful article examining a delightful literary potpourri.

    Wuthering Heights and its Many Genres
    Dr. Vishnu Unnithan

    All aspiring writers need to travel, a lot. I have found that to be one of the most effective remedies to overcome writer’s block. I was not aware about Rilke prior to reading your essay and now look forward to exploring his works.

    The Relationship between Travel and Creative Writing