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    Why We Need a Little bit of Cinderella in our Lives

    With the recent release of Disney’s live animated feature of Cinderella, it has been receiving much backlash for its portrayal of Cinderella as someone who needs a man to save her or a girl who has such a tiny waist that it can’t be humanly matched. I would love to explore how despite all these comments, that in some way may make sense, the idea of Cinderella as it has always been, is to make our a lives a little bit happier and magical. In a sense, I understand, that I may never meet a prince who forces the whole kingdom to search for me or a have a fairy godmother, but the point is that we should just be able to enjoy a nice movie about pure love that opens a door to wonders and imagination.

    • As much as I think it's incredibly important for little girls to have movies like Frozen, where there are female characters who aren't primarily concerned with finding a man, I think it's also ok for there to be romance in films, especially if it's based on a classic fairytale! Fairytales always have a romance! As long as the romance is healthy in the story, and as long as there are other films for young girls that include independent female role models, I don't see any problem in there being a man involved. I think drawing attention to this and acknowledging we can still appreciate Cinderella is a great idea. – Felicia 9 years ago
    • It is important to remember that it is just a show. I do understand what critics are trying to elude to but it is also important not to take away that innocence and hope from children. I think this article will be good if it is written from the sense that your childhood is meant to be a fairytale filled with dreams. – Lala 9 years ago

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    The Lion King is still to this day, my favorite Disney animated feature. It has an amazing soundtrack and the opening sequence is probably the most well done of all Disney movies as it not only invoked a strong emotional response from my part, but demonstrated the importance of Simba’s birth and the power of Pride Rock.
    Although I can understand why people would enjoy Frozen more as it seems to embody a strong message for young females to believe in themselves and independent, the Lion King will always be the original movie that made me fall in love with Disney and taught me the importance of family, surviving through hard times, and believing yourself

    The Lion King: The Seven Standards of Disney

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie because it once again proved that women can be funny! Women do not have to play the role of the ditzy, clumsy character to get a laugh, but she can be an intelligent woman who is simply trying to get her life back together. It was extremely relatable and my favorite part was when she was arguing with the teenage girl at the jewelry store!

    How Bridesmaids Set the New Standard for Women in Comedy

    Very interesting article. At first, I was upset, like many fans from around the world that it did not end the way everyone expected it to. Barney and Robin was suppose to live happily ever after and adopt a few kids and Ted and Tracy were suppose to sit by a fireplace surrounded by their loving children like from one of those 50’s infomercials. However, I soon realized that by turning the tables and making such a huge plot twist, stimulated conversation and frenzy and thats what any writer should aim for. Its not always about giving exactly what the audience wants, but what can improve the story and allow viewers to feel a genuine connection. Men around the world can understand Barney’s sudden revelation with his baby girl, men who have lost wives can comprehend Ted’s pain, and Robin, wishing to have to be a successful career woman and putting everything on hold. The episode was emotional, but importantly it touched upon what reality really is: it doesn’t always go as planned.

    Why the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale was Actually Genius